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Back and kicking...

...well...kind of kicking! I have been sleeping on my boyfriend's chair with the ottoman because of the tubes that I have coming out of the side of my chest. Yup...I have 2 drainage tubes coming out...(sigh) I can't wait until Wednesday! They will be taken off, I will get sized at the Bon and then...then...I will KNOW what size I am!! Yes yes yes...I lost 10lbs...lol

I tried to do sit-ups a couple of days ago, I practically passed out...okay, stupid me, bad idea...(shrug) School officially started today, but I will not be returning until Thursday. :) I am really excited to return, but also nervous about what people will say. I definitely look different...5lbs off each breast will be difficult to miss I'm sure. Oh well. I have been playing Final Fantasy Tactics...I didn't like it too much at first, but now I am kinda fond of it! :) Anywhoo...time for me to go scrape up some grub...my boyfriend went to his friend's house, didn't want to leave me here by myself, but I told him to go. He deserves it, he spent his whole Spring Break caring for me...such a sweetheart *wink*

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