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Catbert, an exemplary HR director

Ugh...HR people are SOOOO evil...I am still waiting to here from them! I received an e-mail last week stating that I would receive a phone call this week from either the head HR person or someone else...I know this week is not quite over...GRRRRRR....

Ok...I am gonna relax...let's see...I know it has been ages since I have posted. There has been a great deal going on, not at all that exciting, but still journal worthy! ;)


Let's see...School started on the 31st of March, but the 4th of April for me, because of my surgery. I dropped the ENGL 316 (poetry class) because I wanted to be lazy this last quarter, so I only come to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I of course will still come to Seattle either Tuesday or Thursday for work. I will be here for another hour working on:

CSSE 493 - Design Patterns homework
CSSE 492 - Computer Forensics stuff...

I just got done creating a few HTML UI mock-ups for Amazon.com...(sigh)

I also made a quick little run to Starbucks for a Coconut creme Frap...mmm....frappy... as well as a fruit salad, which as usual, has more of the stuff I am allergic to than not, such as, cantaloupe, and honey dew melon.


My birthday is next month! YES YES YES!!! WOOOHOOOO I am soooo happy I will be the big whopping 22 baby! ;)


My breast look very nice now...I love them....I can't wait until the scar tissue starts to heal up! I haven't announced it yet, but my breasts are not the A-cup I feared...they are actually a nice size of 38C, (takes a bow) thank you...thank you... lol...I actually feel normal now! I am also noticing that my body is already starting to lose weight around the tummy area! lol...right now I feel like a stubby hour-glass...however, it is elongating every day, my posture has also shown improvement! :) I am so happy...

I can also sleep on my tummy again which is so fabulous because I was getting really tired of sleeping on my back!


An extension off my birthday...I got to pick my present on Sunday from Eric!!!! We decided, or rather he decided to take my Christmas present back (a ring) and get a nicer one. :) The ring I got for Christmas is 14k white gold, a .33 carat sapphire, with a .03 diamond on either side. :) BUT for my birthday I chose...drum roll please... 14k white gold band, think of the setting for the stone as a bow, and on either side of the setting it looks like the tale ends of ribbons, which a .25 Princess Cut, G, I1, diamond!!!! OOOOOH MMMMYYYY GOD it is SO DAMN gorgeous!!!!...(drools at the thought...okay...not really...lol)


Hmmm...I think that is all I have to really update for now...hopefully I will be able to update with some excellent news of the job... ;) night night everyone!


Apr. 12th, 2003 05:29 pm (UTC)
ahhhh ok :)

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