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So I wanted to look pretty...

I am wearing this very cute pastel yellow sweater set, along with very nicely fitting blue jeans, ultra low rise boot-cut of course, my favorite jade necklace I got for my 21st birthday, a pair of black boots, and dab of lipstick. For those who don't know me, wearing make-up is rare. Today is Eric's and my six month...yea...lol...

I am currently at school, totalling not doing what I should. I have so much damn homework, I promise I will start as soon as I am done with this entry. ;)

SAFECO still hasn't called, bastards!!! What kind of sick game are the HR people playing...Catberts, all of them...okay, that is just my frustration speaking. :) I am going to call on Monday...geeeeeezzz...I hope that they aren't calling because they are trying to figure out my salary! I'll make it easy for them 75K please... :)

Seriously though...Eric and I are supposed to go out to dinner tonight to the place he took me for our first date, which is great, but I think I am going to sneak away for some dancing time...hehe...I went last night and OMG it was sooooo much fun!!! I am trying not to jump or anything, but damn I spin faster!!! I love it...just love it...and I of course am wearing my cute little tank tops hehe...gotta go tonight...gotta go tonight...

I am really glad I dropped that ENGL class, gives me a chance to work or sleep in, errr...I mean catch up with homework, yeah. lol...

Okay...I am sort of a silly mood right now...

I have yet to start my CSSE 493 homework (looks down) I know...bad Natalie, bad...I am going to start either today or tomorrow. Hopefully I will get to it. Eric and I are supposed to go to dinner around 7ish...but I want to get there a little early so I can change...

Eric wants to work out with my tomorrow...hehehe...gooooodd I am hoping I will be able to do sit-ups okay, I tried to do them while recovery from my surgery like 5 days after, so okay, not the best time in my life, it HURT!! *sniff* Hopefully, I will be able to do enough tomorrow to make up!

I was looking at some of my past journal entries and realized that though I love Kalen, I am glad it did not work out. I know I sniveled quite a bit about how I wanted it to and stuff, but thank God it did not.

Anyway...maybe I will go play a game of spades then I will do my homework ;)


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Apr. 12th, 2003 10:39 pm (UTC)
Have fun on your anniversary date!

I love to take pretty girls dancing, so much fun.

Don't work out too hard : )
Apr. 13th, 2003 02:14 am (UTC)
hehe...well too bad you aren't here to take me ;)

Hmm...did I mention I am a bit of a flirt? Sorry...
Apr. 13th, 2003 10:06 am (UTC)
My old profile used to mention how much of a flirt I am too : P
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