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I just got back from dancing and it was such a blast! However, I need to learn how to spin closer to the guy since my chest isn't so big anymore, there is no reason to be so far away. lol...

Soooo...the weirdest thing happened to me today. This guy IM'ed me on AOL and said, "Hello Natalie" and I said, "Hello Sean" and the only reason I knew his name is because his IM name is sean#$%. So, he told me that he and I used to attend the same HS in Georgia and we were on debate together. Well this peaked my interest, so I thought and thought and finally remembered something and asked, "Are you that blonde boy that has a Canadian accent?" and he said, "Yup that's me". It was sooo cool, we caught up on old times for a couple of hours and then I asked him how he found me. He told me that he just looked me up on-line and found my journal as well as my web-sites. I was very surprised that he went through the trouble. He told me about the other members on the debate team that I remember fondly. Matt is doing Pre-Law in Oklahoma, and David is attending Notre Dame, switching from Pre-Law and History...hehe...and Sean? Well he started out Pre-Med, but decided to just stick with History. He wants to be a Professor. :) HE is such a smart boy, he got a 1580 on his PSAT! I also remember that I had quite a crush on him in HS. We were talking and I told him that I was surprised he even remembered my whole name and he said, he has a knack for stuff like that and it helped because I am kind of cute. ROFLMAO OMG, how flattering!!! We kept talking and that "kind of cute" turned to, "you were gorgeous, last I recall" LOL hehe...so sweet. I proceeded to tell him that I had a crush on him and told me that it is too bad we both did not come out and say something because we probably would have dated. WHOA so...he had a crush on me ;) I love being loved! I would have really liked to have dated Sean too because he really was a great guy. He also has a girlfriend, whom he said he wishes to marry...

Does anyone else find this weird, him looking me up that is...motives?


Apr. 13th, 2003 03:17 pm (UTC)
But thanks for making me "motivated"

No problem!

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