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Computer Forensics

What an interesting class...so...I am supposed to take a disk drive and hack it...lol...I love it...this class is teaching me how to hack correctly! lol...

Was going to go work-out, but I think not, I am pretty tired, I think I am going to go home and clean my room or something...blah...not a big fan of cleaning, wanna come over and help caballero? lol...just kidding.

Let's see...presentation tomorrown at Amazon and a presentation for the Computer Forensics class on Friday...hmm...it never stops...can't wait until this weekend...


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Apr. 23rd, 2003 11:44 pm (UTC)
Putting those skills to work
I might need to make use of your computer forensics skills in the near future. How much do you know about Microsoft Outlook's data storage system? Has you learned much about data recovery? How hardware savvy are you (check my journal on this one)? Maybe we can arrange a service exchange: I help you clean, you help me access some data. The only rule, neither person may question the other's methods. Coleman Lantern Fluid is pretty when ignited.

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