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blah blah blah...

I haven't posted in awhile so thought I would make sometime now. There isn't anything too much exciting going on, still looking for a full-time job, I am getting rather disheartened...I am also look at going for my Masters in either Business Administration or Software Engineering, hell, I might as well do both! :)

There are so many things to do for Senior Project...feeling slightly overwhelmed with that, I know I said I was supposed to lose my job soon, I kind of wish that would hurry up and happen! lol...I will be attending a job fair at WWU though, that should be good and helpful! Let's see...like I said, not too much going on...oh...the thing I wanted to talk about was...

I know a few months back I had expressed fear for the troops. I felt as though there were too many "anti-war" protesters blamed our troops...I feel bad for a few reasons,

  1. My dad is an ex-Navy CDR (Commander).
  2. My brother is currently a Lt. Colonel in the Army.
  3. My future sister-in-law is over there right now.

However, last Saturday I was very happy, to see that there were many people who are "pro-troop" having a rally to remind people to support our troops. I was so happy I wanted to cry...lol...yes I know I am such a wimp, but it made me so over-joyed that there are many who will support our troops.

I just wanted to say...no matter what I find people who are in the military (for the reason of defending their homeland) are very brave and courageous people...and I would just like to say:

Your courage
We honor
For our country...

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