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My interesting day...

I suppose...actually the day hasn't been all that interesting...
I started off by posting about my weird dream...then I got ready and picked up caballero (David). I actually parked my car and we walked about 6 blocks north to grab a bite to eat...then we walked another 10 blocks south to a bike shop where I looked at some bikes. I found one I really liked and bought it, for those of you who don't know I haven't ridden a bicycle for almost 10 years due to the accident. However, I got on the bike and had a complete blast! Then David and I went back to my place and he helped me clean my car (Did I ever say thank you?) he is so sweet he vacuumed it for meeeeee yeeeeeaaaaa my car is sooooo damn clean now! I am so happy

After that David and I went for about an 8-10 mile bike ride, and OMG my ASS hurts like a mother...ahem...Geeeeeez that's what I get for not riding in such a long time I suppose. :p

We grabbed a bite to eat at the local IHOP and watched SNL...yea...lol...sooo...I suppose my day doesn't sound all the great now :p oh well...

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