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Another interesting dream...

ok...so this one isn't as weird as my first dream yesterday, my side commentary as to what I think now is in ( ):

I can't really recall where it started...oh yes, ok here it is. I was at a place getting a drink and Jason, jmilleroo7 walked in. I was very surprised to see him, he didn't seem to recognize me and I ran forward and gave him a big hug and a kiss. He started laughing as he hugged and kissed me back. He asked me how I was doing, etc..etc...we basically caught up. I asked him what he was doing there and he told me he was there for a job of some kind. (*shrug* Umm, ok, whatever.) So I asked how long he would be in town and he said until June 10. :) I was so excited, however, I do not think this took place in Seattle, because I commented, "I wish I knew this area better so I could show you around" and he said, "That's ok" so we agreed to go out to dinner later that night.

Ok...the dream gets a little weird here, I went to the gym and saw one of my brother's friends and he gave me some keys and for some reason I thought it was my car. I went outside and clicked the little "unlock button" on the key bad and saw my car. Now...for some reason this big poodle started following me, I patted it on the head and continued on my way, but he kept following me, so I stopped and pet it...then he started jumping on me, now I am not a very a tall person and this poodle was huge, so I threw something, he ran off to get it and then I RAN!!! (lol...ok, that is soooo stupid I don't know what the hell was going on there) I got to the car (it was a very nice car, pretty silver Porsche), threw my school books in (where did those come from?) and hopped into the car. I thought as I was driving, "Why am I driving this car? Mine is like right there..." so I parked closer to the gym, hopped out, locked the door of the Porsche and ran into the gym...I told my brother's friend that I couldn't take his car and he told me that he was giving it to me! ROFLMAO (Ok you know this is a dream now, some guy I don't even know personally is giving me a Porsche, maybe I am just THAT cute?) Then I asked him how he was going to get home and he told me that he is going to have my car. So I shrugged and said, "ok buddy, whatever" and then I ran back outside, put all the stuff from my car into my new car! :) Boy was I happy!!!

Now...we switch scenes, for some reason I went and visited my brother's friend (let's call him Bob, because I am tired of typing "my brother's friend") for some reason and apparently his mom and dad were doing a movie or a play of some kind and he was one of the characters. So during all the hustle and bustle, his mom grabs me and pushes me to stand next to her son, Bob. I look at Bob quizzically and he said, just follow my lead. We are there with 9 other couples and Jason is there as well!!! :) I was so happy to see him I started waving. (ok, now remember this is JUST a dream) He waved back, and I saw a girl next to his side and he was holding her hand just as Bob was holding mine and I got a little jealous...(lol, anyway)...music started in the background and we all started dancing a minuet. Then I heard a "STop stop stop...no no Annabella you are doing it allll wrong!" We all halted and looked at the director, Bob's dad. He started over, "Look folks this is how it is working, there are 10 princes, 10 princesses, dance a little more gracefully please!" I was so confused...I asked, "Umm...why are we dancing, I don't understand the point of this." and BOb's mom says, "Ok, ladies go get dressed." She looks at me, "You too. As for the story the 10 princes are going to choose a princess for marriage." (ROLFMAO) So I seemed to understand so I nodded, and ran off to the dressing room. I had the hardest time finding a dress...so I ended up going back out in shorts and a t-shirt. Bob's mom asked if there was a problem and I told her I couldn't find anything I really liked or cared for. She said that I should pick out a dress I did like somewhere, pay for it, then bill the company, so I agreed. I then realized that I should probably try out for this thing so she gave me a quick try-out (gee...since this is a dream...guess what?) and I got the part. :p

I ran back on-stage and Bob takes in his arms again and we begin to dance...we begin to change partners and then I am in Jason's arms.

Then the scene switches and Jason and I are having dinner...then I woke up.

Weird huh? Eh, whatever...I need to go get ready I am being so lazy today


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May. 4th, 2003 12:42 pm (UTC)
lol, damn... and I was hungry too.

You have some fantastic dreams sweetie
May. 4th, 2003 04:13 pm (UTC)
lol...you just think it was fantastic because you were in it :p
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