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Woke up this morning feeling like crap, that's always a great way to feel...lol...I think I came down with a cold because of running/biking in the rain episodes. I know what you are thinking, "That can't happen just because you did it that one time" well, no it didn't. It happened because I did it more than once...sometimes as a young 21 year old I forget my own mortality...lol...

Though I feel ill, I do believe I will go work-out today, it is way past 9:30ish...but maybe "he" will be there...mmmm...ahh...but then again, I might go to the Downtown Seattle club...there is a 6:45 Step class...*pauses a moment to view all the classes available* Yup...Seattle it is...no...noo....EVERETT!! YES I missed my Ab class today...AbXpress @ 6:30!!!!! Yeeeeeeaaaaa this is gggrrreeeeaaaatttt :)

Let's see...group meeting at 2:30...I think I am going to try to get there earlier so I can get a head start on some stuff that needs to be done ASAP...

Uh oh...um...caballero we can't go out tonight, can we change that to Thursday? I forgot I am might be getting together with drbrain we might be going to the Ram...

David, even Wednesday might be nice? I get off class a little late, but we can go biking, right? I need to get my butt used to it... ;)

Ok...now I'm rambling...need to run

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