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The world that is
You have a fixed sense of reality, you are neither
too abstarct or to realistic, the world is your
fortay. Your heart does not completly rule
you, nor does your mind, you feel deeply and at
the same time contemplate when such is needed.
This allows you to be stable, and consistent,
allowing you to not get swept away by things
easily, you are rational, and quick minded, not
deciding too quickly or contemplating too much,
this causes others to relie on you, knowing
that your sense of realism may bring about a
rational solution. But this also causes you to
easily become bored, seeing the same thing day
in day out, with no contemplation or sense of
inspiration to fill you, it can cause you to be
unsettled with things, always looking for a new
thing to fill the boredness. Your realism is a
grand thing to have, but it is not a bad thing
to indulge once in awhile in your mind,
contemplate on the ideals of your life or this
world, or perhaps to delve into the depths of
your heart to swim into the torrent of
inspiration that may come, letting your heart
flow the words it wishes to speak. Your
realism will not let you become too induldged
so let your self go once in awhile you will be
suprised and delighted with the wonderful
treasures that your heart and mind may hold.

Which rules you, your heart, the constant contemplations of the mind, or the reality of existance?
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May. 14th, 2003 07:44 am (UTC)
Comment (as usual!)
I'm ok, you're ok! ;)
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