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I'm a happy girl...

happy and anxious...lol...thought I would do one final, thoughtful entry for the night. This may be slightly sporadic just to warn you, but I bolded and underlined the subjects for everyone's ease... ;)

Singing in the Rain
Ok...not really, but David and I did walk around Greenlake tonight which is what I just returned home from :p We went to the Ram for dinner beforehand...and I had the most marvelous Margarita! Weeeeeeee...lol...as we were walking I paused a moment to hear the wind rustling the leaves above me...as I listened a slew of words flew into my head, creating a poem...well of sorts. I doubt I could remember it...but I think the first lines were: As the wind rustles through the trees, I am embraced by the sound of applause...

lol...yeah ok...it had a guy in it somewhere too...it caused me to remember a poem I had written for an ex...where I compared my love to a family of golden leaves in the fall :)

Have you ever heard a song...and it is so hypnotic you could not stop listening to it, though you know it has a depressing ending? That is how I feel about this one song called, "One Last Time" ugh...depressing ending...but the man's voice is so hypnotic, it's like the Simpsons episode where Bart, Milhouse, Martin, and...that other guy, what the hell's his name...uh...but he always laughs funny. Anyway...when they became like the "Backstreet Boys" and the song they were singing was saying "Yvan eht noij" in reverse spelling "Join the Navy". It's like this guys song is saying..."listen to me...be depressed" lol...ok, maybe not the depressed part so much as the listen to me part.

Thoughts of Me
So I was just kind of thinking of the person I want to be...I am always constantly growing...and my goal of course is to be the best at whatever I do through effort, perseverance...yada yada yada...I reminded myself that the world won't change just because I complain...let the axis twirl...lol...I am so happy that I am a strong person. A little crazy...but strong...I thought of how I feel when I am down...I am all about facing everything right in the face. Bring on the rain, I say...

I was also talking with someone today and he said that I will be an excellent mother... :) That makes me so happy to hear...not that I am ready to be one...but I do hope that when I am ready to marry and to have children...that I will be a woman who's hard to give up...I want to be an absolute picture of love for my husband and my children... :)

You know...there's a lot more...but I am starting to get a little tired and I need to wake up in another 6 hours...oh...and I know the pictures of Seattle don't show, but no worries, I will just have to find another place to store the pictures where it will allow me to show them...I stored them at Yahoo Photos...


May. 21st, 2003 04:52 am (UTC)
Hypnotic music? Oh yeah.... Im there....

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