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So much going on...

where do I start? I could hardly start from the beginning since my day has been a bit of a whirlwind...hmmm...let's see...I guess I will start here...

Like I said earlier...had to be given today, kind of slapped it together though about 4 hours before class...lol...though I am on a group of 5 including myself I put together the whole presentation with pictures of Winnie the Pooh and friends :). Hmm...uh...I also told everyone what to research...lol...so we go into class, to do what I felt was totally half-assed, and got 100% ROFLMAO...ok...dude, whatever...then...the teacher paid me a compliment, "You put the best presentations together". No, really I do. I have had her for a couple of other classes where we had to present. :)

Went to Greenlake to bike...well that didn't happen. Somehow my bike chain got all tangled...these two very nice ladies tried to help, but to no avail. Oh well...one of the ladies was kind enough to give me a couple of clorox wipes so I could clean my hand of the grease on the chain :p. I put my bike back in the car and settled for a nice jog. Well, as I was coming around the 2.75 mile mark I heard drums...I kept jogging, looked to my left as that is where the sounds were coming from and spotted a figure on the dock drumming away. :) I also passed a couple, sounded like it was there first date and she was telling him, "I'm really not much of a drama queen" lol...women. *shrug*

Expert Witness
In my CSSE 492 (Computer Forensics) class I was nominated to be the expert witness. lol...so I learned about Federal Rule of Evidence 702, 703, and 705, as well as the Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 16 (a)(1) and (b)(1). I will report more on that as soon as I learn what I am going to be an expert witness on! :)

Interesting/Depressing thoughts
While I was jogging I started thinking about something...I am feeling kind of down...and I started thinking of a pattern in my life. People...men in particular always seem to leave when something new happens in their life. Just a few examples as I've had too many boyfriends and it would take too much time to go through each one...

  • Tony - his parents really need help with money, I can understand that. We had been dating for over 6 months and I got really sick...it was a bad flu bug that year, I had the flu for 1.5 months. Anyway, he got 2 jobs...and he never called me...never e-mailed me...nothing...I finally decided after a month of him ignoring me to break up with him. I took the time, wrote him a nice long e-mail explaining to him that we just weren't right for one another, which obviously we weren't.
  • David - no we weren't ever dating...but he did leave me nonetheless...it is a long story...he came back yes, but he ignored me for 2 years...
  • Joe - we dated for 7 months, he gets a new apartment and decides he's too good for me (yeah, that's the same Joe that said I would make an excellent mother, they always come back *shrug*)
  • Kalen - buys a house...dumps me...

I mean...is there something wrong with me? I just don't understand...it makes me feel so helpless...I mean...I seem to run into people who could care less about me, and that is just the last 4 years of my life...that isn't including all the dating I did in high school. lol...I am such a funny person...sometimes I sit here and wonder..."what's wrong with me? am I not lovable? Do I not deserve respect, love, etc...etc..." and on the other hand I have to remind myself that I have so much to offer a person...my intelligence, my humor, my enjoyment for life, my ambition...my need to be better...my need to be perfect for someone, whoever that someone is. Sometimes I confuse myself...


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May. 22nd, 2003 11:17 am (UTC)
Hey you... no looking glum.... You gotta be perfect for someone... just keep telling yourself that they all werent god enough keep ya chin up and im sure Mr Right i'll notice ya... xxxx
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