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Karaoke time...

Or something like that...actually...I have to go in like 4 minutes...STUPID ASS LJ...I had this LONG ass post...and now it's gone!!!!

FUCKING A...*stomp foot* Let's see if I can remember what I talked about...*sigh*

Hmm...oh...drbrain I was thanking you for the job e-mail...I will definitely apply...can I tell them you are my bestest friend? lol...

Next...umm...oh right...a quick update on what my month is looking like...
May 27th-28th I will be in Portland
May 29th-31st I will be in Boston
June 1-6th I will be busy finalizing things at school
June 10th Final
June 11th Moot Court (where I will be an Expert Witness)
June 16th My graduation
June 22nd-29th I will be in Mexico

Oh...and ronalum could you ask Debbie where she gets her Brazilian Wax? I would like to get that done down there before I leave for my cruise :) It may hurt...but it couldn't possibly hurt as much as my tattoo did...I was regretting that when I got it...OMG it was horrible...lol...so I can take anything! *confident smile...faltering* lol...

I bought a suit at Nordstrom's today...

Except it's gray...it's reaaaalllyyyy nice and I am so excited, they are currently altering the suit...they had to make the jacket smaller because they didn't have my size...and hem my skirt up about 3 inches...lol...it makes my legs look longer with my 5'2" self. I realized after talking to Ron that I needed one. He was commenting how conservative people on the East Coast are compared to here. I don't even own a suit...here in WA I get a job just wearing a nice skirt and some sweater or blouse. Ron was saying that they probably liked me in the interview because I was so upbeat and happy...and I guess most people aren't like that...umm...yeah...lol...which is funny...because ikilled007 I know you live on that side...and not necessarily on the East Coast and you don't seem to be at all conservative...but then again you are from Michigan *shrug* If all men in Michigan are as fun as you, maybe I should get a job there...lol...

Oh...and Ron and I spoke on the phone today for like 1.5 hours...he commented on the "Collage of Natalie" which I was really surprised about. As him and I have not known one another long, I was surprised that he saw the complexities of me. :) Very, very few people ever see them (through their short-mindedness) they either see me as, "Fun Natalie", "Child-like Natalie", "College Natalie", "Serious Natalie", "Girlfriend Natalie", etc...if I named them all it would take a whole year...lol...

OH SHIT...ok...I don't get to finish what I was talking about...but I definitely chose to wear this tonight, as I bought this today at Nordstrom too...I think I will wear my white strappy sandals with it...


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May. 25th, 2003 09:22 am (UTC)
"I was surprised that he saw the complexities of me. :)"

Why do you think we get alone so well? LOL!
May. 25th, 2003 09:25 am (UTC)
LOL @ Above! That should read "along"! Hummm Freudian slip? lol
May. 25th, 2003 09:29 am (UTC)
Hang in there I will get this right! Forget the Narcissistic. That was a subject from an old reply!
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