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I don't know...

what I really feel like writing, but I do know that I do feel like writing. Perhaps I shall I just let my mind wander?

Today is actually a really pretty day...maybe I will call Brandon to go biking? I know I promised Aaron we would get together tonight to work-out :p I am so tired...I had Vietnamese food for lunch. I got my little ass here at 11:30ish to meet with my CSSE 492 group and only one of them was here!! Hmph...lazy ass Jeff showed up around 12...and we were supposed to work on the network logs, but we haven't really been doing that.

I have so much stuff to do tomorrow...I am supposed to meet Michele, not sure if I talked about her, but she is the lady who used to work at Terabeam who I got together with and gave her an informational interview. She now works for D2consulting :) and she wanted to get together for coffee before I did all my running around this week! Weeeeee...so I am going to go to Nordstrom's and pick up my suit...(gray suit with gray eyes, oh yeah!) and at 11AM I am going to meet with Michele...then at 12:30PM I am meeting with someone in my project group...then at 2:30PM I have a group meeting to attend...OMG when am I going to get my nails done??? uh...uh...*thinking* ok...super early in the morning...9ish...that sounds good...whew...I am so glad I haven't cut my nails in a while...I am going to get a French tip...I'd do it myself, but it lasts longer when I go get it done :) No fake nails for this girl! lol...

I am hoping to get to Portland at a decent time...hopefully by 6PM...then I can eat...then go work-out...(thank God for 24 hour fitness)...then come back, take a shower, and go to Banana Joe's! Oh yeah! :) I love that place...it is so much fun, it's a shame they got rid of the one around here. Then I will come back (hopefully by 1:30ish) and go night night! :) Then get up super early so I can get ready for the job interview...*yawn* Oh...speaking of which...ronalum I e-mailed you my current resume.

Now the interview that I am super excited about is the one in Boston...I love flying...and on top of that I get to fly to somewhere that I've never been! I hope I have fun in Boston...I hope I can be there sometime mid-day on Thursday...that would be great, that way I can go sight-seeing! lol...God I'm a tourist!!! OOHHHH WAIT...I know someone in Boston...mr_lars YES!!! I will have to shoot that boy an e-mail!!! Woohooo!!! YES YES YES...*bounce up and down excitedly* I am soooooo happy weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...hehe...

I noticed something interesting...when I have very thought provoking things to type or talk about...I am never near a computer. I wonder about that sometimes...when I finally sit down to type out my thoughts from earlier I can't seem to remember why I was going to type the thoughts in the first place...hope that makes sense...

I've also been feeling slightly lethargic and incredibly bored...I hate being bored...I start to think too much...ugh...I need to go biking...


May. 27th, 2003 01:42 pm (UTC)
Got your Resume'. Looks like big $$$$$ for sure!

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