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Who should I work for?

Beautiful CampusCampus is next to NOTHING
People are really into fitnessBenefits aren’t as good as Gillette’s
People are very friendly, everyone said hello to meIt is fast-paced, normally that isn’t a negative thing, however...I might get tired of it after awhile
Good growth opportunities to change jobs
Fast-paced environment that is very high energy


The location is just awesome, I would have plenty of opportunities to explore all the New England areaTaxes
Inexpensive health facilities
Benefits rock
People seem to be very open
Company is changing
I looooovvvveeeee the accents

I know I only have one disadvantage but that is all I could think of...minus the weather, the weather sucks...

So, please, give me your opinion, what do you think? Where should I work, Nike or Gillette, and if you want, why?


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Jun. 1st, 2003 08:10 am (UTC)
Those are quite the lists, looks like it's going to be a tough decision. I can only tell you to go with your gut feeling.

When I graduated and was applying for teaching jobs (I was a sec. education major with emphasis in chemistry and physics) there were several schools that offered me a job. The first place I interviewed was a middle school.

I never wanted to teach at the middle school level but I thought I would use the school as a practice interview for the later ones. The job was teaching 8th grade science which is pretty challenging and the school was nice but the principal was an amazing woman.

I interviewed at several other schools and all of them had their positives, at one I was to go right into teaching physics which is kind of unheard of. At the other I would get an AP chem class which is rare too.

It was tough but my gut said that working at the middle school, although not what I originally wanted, would be the best situation. I went with my gut and didn't regret it.

Good luck in your choice.
Jun. 2nd, 2003 06:15 pm (UTC)
YOu have to be happy with what you end up doing. You said with Nike you'd get tired of it after a while.. so that's somethign to keep in m ind.

Good benefits and great people are a positive thing.. if you can cope with the weather, I'd probably go for Gillette.. but that's just my opinion :)
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