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Sorry everyone...about the post if it messed up your friend's page...:( I didn't do it on purpose, honest...as a matter of fact,I think I am going to put it in LJ-cut...sorry again...I don't know what happened!

By the way...I'm going to the Brooks & Dunn concert tonight at the Gorge!!!! YEAAAAAA

Oh well...*sigh* figures...anyway!! Onto the 2 guys and the 1 I picked up...lol...

There is one thing I forgot to mention on the flight to Boston I...umm...sorta stole one of those head set thingies on the plane...you know...so you can watch the movie or listen to the radio. Ok, I know what you are thinking, it's only $2 so why steal it right? Well I didn't have $2 I only had $50's...yeah I know "poor baby" right? lol...anyway, I went to the bathroom...and the Flight Attendant (so politically correct) had been carrying them around in a big plastic bag, and the head phones were also in their own individual plastic bags...well one of them had fallen out of the plastic bag...so I saw it as a sign from God. lol...I sent up a quick prayer of apology, bent down to pick it up, and stuffed it into my jacket and dodged into the lavatory. hahaha...yeah I know...but I got to watch "Two Weeks Notice" which was great! :) Highly recommending it!

So anyway...my last day in Boston (yesterday) was pretty great. I woke up a little later than planned. My flight was at 12, and I left the hotel at 10. I caught the T on the green line, got off at Government Center to catch the blue line. At the blue line I sat next to someone who also appeared to be heading to the airport and I asked him if he was from around here. He said yes, and I asked him what stop I needed to get off at. We ended up sitting near one another on the train and talking the rest of the way until we had to get onto the shuttle that took us to the airport. He was quite fascinating. He was in a band...but apparently before that he owned a business...and he travelled a lot. He was actually on his way to Europe to visit his sister!!! That totally rocked. He told me that he had been to Seattle and he agreed it was a very beautiful city but there is just something about Boston... :) Then when we went towards the shuttles we went our separate ways since he was flying out international. Then on the shuttle I met another guy! lol...we started talking...the funny thing is...I never asked any of these people for their names. He was also quite interesting...worked in Boston, but lived in Florida...was originally from South America...lol...

Then I had a switch in St. Louis to Seattle...and after arriving in Seattle, there was this guy in Air Force uniform waiting for his luggage. I also had to wait for mine so I stood next to him and started chatting with him, asking him if he was going to McChord. He said yes...but he didn't have a way to get there. So I said, oh ok...I picked up my bags and said bye bye!!! But then I stopped...and thought to myself...it wouldn't hurt to take him on base, besides I have my military id and stuff so it wouldn't be a big deal. So I went back and asked if he wanted a ride, he said yes. lol...of course, like he's going to turn down a ride. I introduced myself and laughed saying that it was better we at least know one another's names. It was amazing that he trusted me, but I'm just a girl I guess. lol...

So that was my good deed for the day, picking up a total stranger at the airport and going out of my way to get him home. :)
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