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All right....

Here goes!!! I mixed up the order because...well just because ok?

Modern man
I find it so interesting how back in the day a man used to only be measured by society by the work he did with his hands (job related of course ;))...and now? A man is measured by the kind of husband, father, son, brother, and worker he is...

Don't know...just thought it was interesting in the change of society...

Living It
I am allll about danger and fun! lol...as a matter of fact...whichever job I get...maybe I will learn how to ride a motorcycle so I can bike it down or over east! ROFLMAO...got that idea from ronalum who's son did that!

Ok...here is what happened...I drove there...it was a nice 2 hour drive...I did it in record time of course pushing pretty well close to 80mph the whole way. The Gorge is about 153 miles from Seattle.

Jeff Bates
He was up first...and during this time I found Cale and friends...lol...which was nice...however, they were a bit immature, but what could I possibly expect? Bates sang a song called "Rainbow Man" and they were like, "Rainbow?? Is he gay or something?" Yeah...real mature...Bates was actually singing about how he comes from a line of different types of people...black, white, Native American...etc...etc...*shake head*

He also had a really funny stance when he sang, like he didn't know where to put his arms and how to stand...lol...

Aaron Lines
He didn't stand funny since he was standing in a way to support his guitar...I also love peopel watching...there are so many different types of people here, young, old...lol...absolutely fascinating. Side note? Love changes everything...

Brad Paisley
I love his voice...and him being hot doesn't hurt either...lol...anyway...his drummer is sooo good!

Rascal Flatts
They remind me of why I love to watch people entertain...seeing artists really enjoy their work makes me happy. Cale is such a nice guy...whenever he buys stuff he offers it to the whole group...

The part that I thought sucked about the whole thing...his friends are reaaaallllyyyy into drama in their lives or something. *shrug* it was Cale's birthday and everyone kept fighting and leaving...so then it was just me and him! lol...which was fine, they were starting to get annoying, and I didn't mind keeping Cale company. I also saw quite a few other people I knew as well :)

Side Note: I was thinking...to experience a love so true that can't be subdued...the thought...the feel...

Another Side Note: Sitting on the grass reminded me of the flower rings my mom and I used to make :) When I have a daughter I am going to teach her the same things...

Brooks & Dunn
The main group...lol...I didn't even stay for the whole thing...hopefully they didn't sing too many songs after I left. I didn't want to get caught in the mess in getting out of there. There were sooo many damn people!!

Another Side Note:
I love these lyrics:
"The way you look, the way you laugh, the way you love with all you have, your dance, your drive, you make me feel alive. The way you talk, the way you tease, by now I think you see there ain't nothing 'bout you, that don't do something for me"


Anyway kiddos...I need to write my thank you letters to everyone. And take a shower...

Oh...my list of things to do today as a side reminder...
Things to Do

  • Mail Thank you notes
  • Meet Jeff
  • E-mail Nike HR person...she wants to know what happened in Boston *shrug*
  • Work on presentation for this Friday
  • Study for Final on Wednesday
  • Go Biking
  • Go jogging
  • Go to the Gym

Ok...I know the work-out stuff is a little crazy...but to be honest I haven't worked out, I mean reaaallllyyy worked out in almost a week!

I am SOOOO nervous...


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Jun. 2nd, 2003 09:10 pm (UTC)
We really need to teach you how to use the LJ Cut
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