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life of me...there is so much going on and I am totally freaking out. I am so excited about my cruise...but I am still waiting for the offer package from Gillette so I know where I am suppose to go to take my drug test. I just found out today that the relocation people won't call me until my drug test comes out clean lol...which will take a week. What does that mean? That means that I need to take the drug test tomorrow, that way when I get back from my cruise the relocation people will call me.

Things aren't looking too good in the moving department. Looks like instead of driving I will be flying...I told the Orthodontists that I am moving and they took a look at my braces and gave the "ok" to have them taken off. So July 9th I am going to get them off, then July 11th I am going to go back around 2PM and pick up my retainers. *sigh* What a big pain in the ass, however it is better than starting a new job and asking for 3 days off. *sigh* So I suppose that means I will be flying out on either the 11th or 12th...and starting work on the 14th and will just have to look for an apartment while I work. Not the most ideal situation but it is what I will have to do.

Guess when my first day is folks...yeah...July 14th...there goes my plan to take a week to get situated...

Oh boy...*big sigh*


Jun. 20th, 2003 09:02 am (UTC)
Hope for the best with the drug test and stuff. You still have time for it all to come together. *crosses fingers*

On the upside, by flying out here you won't be as exhausted as you would from a four-day cross-country trip. Small comfort, I know.

there goes my plan to take a week to get situated.

Well, once you do get settled, maybe irinaauthor and I can meet up with you and show you around the city a little bit. That is, if it's okay with you. If not, that's cool too. Either way, just e-mail and let me know.

Hang in there. I hope everthing works out.
Jun. 20th, 2003 09:57 am (UTC)
Oh thanks Steve. I will get a hold of you and irinaauthor when I get a little more settled in :) Thanks!!!

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