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Slowly but surely...

I am making friends in Boston!!! lol...well kind of...bitbitch goes to Law School in NJ and we will get to hang out!!!! ;) And then futurejudge and his girlfriend have agreed to show me around!!! AND AND...(this is why I am so loved folks) the VP HR of IT is hooking me up with people!!!! :) I am so happy...so happy...took the drug test, wasn't too bad. Didn't even have to pee in a cup...I merely had to let them take half of my hair, pile it on my head, and take a snipit of a lock...it was horrible...I was like, "DO you guys REALLY need that much hair??" Honestly...*sigh* oH well...I will soon have this position and be moving forward, I am soooo excited...I believe Gillette will be wonderful for me!!! I get to move to the East Coast...I am no longer feeling so restless, because I am getting what I want, a change of scenery.

To be honest, I was getting restless of being in the northwest and not because I don't love it here...it is just that I am not used to staying in one place for so long. I am used to moving at least every 2 years if not 3...this staying in one place for 4 was driving me a little nuts!!! lol...I am sure when I get older though just travelling for lenghts at a time should take care of the restlessness. :) I can't wait to embark on my new adventure!


Jun. 30th, 2003 01:46 pm (UTC)
Re: AND...
sorry... ;) I got the "New" right!

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