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Part 1 of my Cruise

Well here I am!!! I am back!!!!!!! ;) I am so happy to be back but at the same time I am sort of sad and I miss the boat.... ;) Well here is my entry for the past week. I have cut it because it is so damn long... ;)

June 23, 2002:Monday

Not sure what time it is, but let me first talk about yesterday. The airport was positively insane!!! I arrived at about 8AM, my flight left at 9:28AM and it took me almost 50 minutes to get my e-ticket! The lines were positively ghastly. Then I Had to get into another line to catch the plane...well there was no way in hell I was going to catch the plane with that line! So I went to the desk at this point it is 8:57AM and I spoke to one of the ladies and she said, "Oh...that could be a problem" well duh!!! She led me through the swarm of people and I got to go to the front of the line :) So I was able to catch my plane and that was great. I slept the whole plane flight because I hadn't really slept the night before.

I met some very nice people on the plane and the boat :) There are so many things to do on this boat!!! Next time I am going on a 28 day cruise :) haha...
The food on the boat is fabulous, you can eat as much as you want, when you want. Yesterday I had a cream of mushroom soup, halibut with roasted potatoes and squash, and black forest cake. :) hehe...oh yeah...that was dinner. After that I took a salsa lesson and the hot instructor danced with me :) That probably doesn't sound like that bid of a deal, but there were about 40 women on stage and I was chosen...oooohh...it's really funny, there are so many families or husbands and wives...a lot of them arrived wearing the same clothes...lol...I wonder if I will ever that's cool/fun? ROFLMAO...maybe after I have kids ;) What am I doing right now you ask? :) Laying on a lounge chair on the top deck...basking in the warmth...mmmmm....I love heat :) More later, I need to turn over :)

continuation of June 23, 2003: Monday...
Today was really fun :) I went to an "Abs, Thigh, and Buns" work-out class. For lunch I had California rolls, Spaghetti with meatballs, and Strawberry Mousse, for dinner I had a little minestrone, strawberry soup, Main Lobster tail with Broccoli and yummy rice, Swiss chocolate cake, and some tropical fruit concoction (it was kind of like mousse, every bite tasted like a starburst chew!!!) :) Yeah, I know...it sounds like I ate a great deal, but I only had 1/3 minestrone and 1/2 the chocolate cake :) It was really nice, I can't get over how good the food is!!! :)

Before I continue about my day I would like to talk about the people I've met thus far. The crew is REALLY great!!! I would definitely do Carnival again, everyone is so nice and helpful. As for the passengers...haha...just reminds me of how many stupid people there are in this world. Honestly...people can be so daft. The ship has these "GameShow/Quiz" things as part of the entertainment and they ask for volunteers from the audience. I was passing through so I only caught one of the questions, and the guy had asked, "Who was the president in 1955" The correct answer folks? Dwight Eisenhower. What did the other people say? hahaha...almost all of them said John F. Kennedy...*roll eyes* let's try 1961-1963 folks!!! On top of that I've found the multitude of children (10+), especially teenagers to be dreadfully obnoxious, don't get me wrong, I would never let other people's stupidity/ignorance deter my enjoyment; however it is slightly annoying.

As a side note I received Harry Potter's 5th book from Amazon on Saturday, so that's nice to have on a cruise.

The folks I dine with are very nice, however, their gluttony disgusts me a little, but to each his own. I think what I eat is a lot, these folks triple! They get 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, and 2-4 desserts. I am not shitting you folks!!! It is almost fascinating how much these people put away! Speaking of "putting away" I am currently in line for crepes :) I love crepes. No, I do not carry my journal around. It is currently 12:40AM and I wanted to finish this entry before I went to bed :)

Backtrack for a second...I wonder why there are so many "teenagers" here? An example of their stupidity a few of them were sitting at the top of the stairs blocking them so no one could us them. I was REALLY tempted to tell them, "Excuse me, there is this great invention called 'chairs'"

I wonder if it was a bribe from the parents? "If you pass '_' grade we will go on a cruise" lol...I would never take my kids on a cruise, travel around the world 'sure' but not a cruise, this is such a romantic thing to do with more adult/mature company *shrug* anyway...

So on with what I did today...after dinner I just relaxed and read, then at 10:30PM I went up for "the Show" it was really fun. It was like a Las Vegas style show with dancing and singing :) The dancers were absolutely fabulous the singers weren't bad, but they REALLY botched up Frankie's "Night & Day" song!!! :(

I kind of envy those dancers, what a job! They get to dance which is something I am sure they love, it is seen in their movements. The chance to have a job one loves, is passionate about, and having the love/drive to improve oneself...that is living. Unfortunately, I have yet to find that passion, I have drive merely because I love and have passion for me and my life.

I also realized something very important, the man I marry will have to love travelling, exploring, and most importantly not afraid to experience life and all it has to offer. Travelling and new experiences are so important to me, it's fine that I do them by myself now because I am not married. However, when I do get married I want to experience as much as I can with my husband :) I'm not a cheap girl...hahaha...anyway I need to get to sleep :) Night-night

June 24, 2003:Tuesday

Another day at sea, today's entry will be pretty short as I am feeling rather lethargic, but hey that's what vacations are for right? :) Lets see...I woke up barely able to get out of bed because my thighs and abs were so sore...man that lady killed me!!! However, I wish she offered the classes back home, it was really a great work-out! Forced myself to take the stairs everytime/everywhere today (there are 13 floors) to kind of help stretch them out. I ate SOOOO much today!!! Haha...:( bad...oh well :) I'll work it off :) Went to this flatten/detox body and it explained how cellulite is created, it was really interesting and educational. I also set up an appointment for a massage tomorrow at 2:45 :) Saw "the Show" which was a 30 minute comedy act followed by a 30 minute country fiddler, Billy Armstrong, he wrote "Devil went down to Georgia". He was really good. The comedian was also good, he has been on "The Late Show", "Comedy Central", etc. The comedian talked about how men shouldn't wear speedos because they are small and tight. He gestured towards his crotch area and said, "I don't want to see that!" and I was thinking, "I do" lol...not his, but if...well nevermind ;) pepe...lol...

For some reason people I have encountered have acted in one of two ways to me travelling alone:
  1. "You are so brave" or
  2. "Poor thing, all by yourself"

For God's sake people I am by myself because I want to be. Are people really that dependent that they can't do things by themselves? Whatever happened to being an individual and doing your own thing? Hmm...I don't understand.

I've also noticed people on this boat who are married are REALLY young. Speaking of which...we, the passengers have been on this boat for 3 days now and I have noticed most of the people i see walking are lost. How do I know this? Well, as well as being able to read peoples body and mind :) I heard them saying to one another, "Like, wow I am so lost, where is the deck again?" or "I can't find my room" *roll eyes* Jesus, how sad is that? So I've concluded people just stay in the Casino...lol...ok, not really but geez!!! The signs on this boat are pretty clear where things are. The halls have signs and even on the elevators it will have signs telling a person what is on each floor *shrug* whatever. Anyhow, I need to stretch and get ready for bed. I don't want to sleep through the wake up call :)

June 25, 2003:Wednesday

Well, I've just finished a very yummy dinner and I am currently watching the most beautiful pink and lavender sunset, I love pink sunsets. :) I was asked by the people I dine with if I usually do things by myself and how old I am. Haha...I replied and said that I do do things by myself and my age :) I proceeded to explain that the reason I enjoy doing things by myself (particularly when it is for a week's time) is because I only need to cater to my wants and no one elses :) More proof that I am SO not ready for getting married!!! I can be so self-absorbed ;)

Anyhow, I am really missing the use of my cell phone and the Internet :( Yes, I know those things are readily available on the boat, however it costs too much :( Today started off poorly. I got up in time for my excursion, however, the morning event was cancelled due to heavy thunderstorm earlier that morning. Since I had chosen the Jungle tour there had been a mudslide. OH well...I got my $29 back :) Hopefully, tomorrows excursion will work...it is called "Sierra La Madre", it is a 7 hour tour :)

Let's see, what's next? The weather is hot and muggy, wonder why I'm not complaining? I kind of like it :) However, it is so muggy that sweat is literally dripping of me...lol...and I don't care!!! Though my excursion was cancelled I did get my Harry Potter book done AND I went into town. I wasn't too impressed and too NO pictures. The town is pretty poor and things were just dirt cheap! A brand new washer and dryer for $300 and a brand new stereo (nice one at that) for $137 Seriously!!! It's like $1=10 pesos. Many men talked to me *roll eyes* quite a few inquired about my eyes and one had the audacity to touch me!!! Here's what happened: I was walking, some guy asked me if I was on the cruise boat and I said, "yes"

Him: Where are you guys going after this?

Sounds ok so far right so I smile

Me: Mazatlan
Him: Then where?
Me: Cabos
Him: And then?
Me: Home
Him: Oh ok

Then he reached over and held onto my arm trying to pull me to him. I looked down at his hand and glared and him, he dropped his hold on my arm.

Him: Are your eyes really that color?

*roll eyes* Walking away I said...

Me: No

So many damn people ask me that *shake head* I love my eyes too...lol...so that was pretty much it for the day. I'm going to take a shower and get ready for the party :) Oh...and I am getting tanner! :) Another thing...I guess I look hispanic to some people. Not only in Mexico did people attempt to talk to me in Spanish but also a crew member on the boat. I know very little Spanish, but what I do know, my accent is pretty passable :) This week is going by toooo fast!

Geez...ok...I am getting tired... ;) More tomorrow!!! ;)


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Jun. 30th, 2003 09:01 pm (UTC)
What about your eyes?

On a sidenote -- life can get pretty boring. Especially as time goes on and our generation gets older, most people just want to earn their $80-$200k/year and retire, live in a little house somewhere, read the news, go out to dinner once in a while.

Me? I want to remain active. I don't want to be bored! I went through the "misery" of growing up, I'm going to live it up as I get older (that is, maybe, as I close in on 30..hehe). Explore, travel, see the world. Know what else is out there, maybe write a book about it in my spare time. That's the ideal life for me eventually. Exploration is thrilling. Especially finding things that no one else knows about, or that others overlook easily.

And hey, if it's dangerous, that's okay. I didn't want to die a slow death anyways. If I'm going to be KIA, it might as well happen in an interesting, worthwhile way. : )

Not that I have any fear of being wiped off the planet during an excursion.

I just find it tiresome that no one I know is like that. No one's into having adventures these days. They don't know what they're missing!
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