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Part 2 of my Cruise

June 26, 2003: Thursday

Today started out real bad :( I woke up too late and missed the tour that I really wanted to go on, damn me for being a heavy sleeper!!! :( Now I'm going to have to come again, but this time I bring my alarm clock. SO I changed out of the Sierra la Madre tour for a stupid City & Shopping tour. It was the cheapest one and it was the only way I could get some of my money back...*sigh* it kind of sucks because I woke up super early yesterday for a tour that was cancelled. C'est la vie...more later ;) By the way, is anyone out there a card-game lover? I love card games, I met a woman Susan, who taught me 3 new ones!
* * * * * *

Just finished with dinner and the City & Shopping tour wasn't too bad, I just wish it had been a little more historically informative...*shrug* oh well...

An unfortunate side effect from this cruise will be sea legs! lol...sometimes while we were at port I felt as though the ground was moving back and forth! :( Oh well...oh!!!! The people I dine with are so funny... :) They bought me an alarm clock...haha...about a day too late!!! :) That was so sweet of them! I am really glad I am here (somewhere in the Pacific) because it has been a spectacular time for reflection. I have decided that whom ever I marry must be adventurous (in bed as well ;)) and be a light sleeper (So basically I want a daredevil and an alarm clock) oh...and of course he must be one who takes my breath away ;) haha...more later..."Just Married" is about to start!
* * * * * *

Awww..."Just Married" is such a cute movie...makes one believe that "Love conquers all" :)

Here's a few side notes...

  1. New work-out regiment when I get home. I think I've gained 20lbs :(
  2. I've been worrying a bit about money and the lack of living in Boston...I am supposed to received $4,583.33 a month, however, because of all the different taxes I will hopefully see $3,000. I decided I am going to split my money this way, 60% for bills, 25% for fun, 10% for savings, and 5% for my 401K. I also need to get my IRA switched over to here :|
    That means at the end of the month, $1,800 will go to bills, $750 for fun ($185 a week), $300 into savings and $150 to my 401K...that means $3,600 a year in savings and $1,800 in my 401K. :) Oh yeah!!!! I can do this, I can!!! *bounce up and down* ok...I'm going to be OK!!! For those of you who don't know I am not very good with money.

    I've been thinking a great deal about my work-out regiment...I'll write about that later, first let's talk about the shopping I did :)

    David - weirdo, wanted a bottle of soda *shrug*
    Eric - got him a marble bird figurine
    Johnny - got him a shot glass from every port
    Jen - got her a marble horse figurine
    Mom - got her a marble egg figurine
    Me - amethyst earrings, tanzanite ring, a pink sarong

    :) I have no idea what to get my dad, but I figured I will do some shopping tomorrow in Cabos :)

    I am also getting a pretty nice tan :) I figured I would do some more sun-bathing and get rid of my sandal lines :)

    By the way, you'll have to excuse me if I repeat myself. When I am out doing things I remind myself to write things down.

    June 27, 2003: Friday

    Sorry for ending yesterday's entry so abruptly but I got tired of writing and shortly there after I fell asleep :( I am currently in the Jekyll & Hyde lounge for Karaoke, not to participate but to watch :) We've already left Cabos and I am happy to say I've bought my dad a mug and my brother another shot glass :) We are supposed to be close to U.S. territory tomorrow so I am looking forward to using my cell phone!!! :)

    Ahh...first person singing is a little girl, damn she's bad...lol...ROFLMAO...ok, I need to go this is too distracting...
    * * * * * *

    God I am such a chicken...haha...I've done Karaoke once and I was seriously drunk off my ass!!!
    * * * * * *

    Well it is now 11PM...after the Karaoke thing...let's see...I never finished talking about Mazatlan...apparently that city is big on Tuna. To save dolphins the fisherman dive into the water and release the dolphin from the net. The other thing that fisherman do is release any baby Tuna :) Awwww...to preserve tuna of course. I actually returned from trying to go for a jog, but the winds are so high that the track is closed :( I also took a nap before dinner *cry* I know...I said naps are for wimps, for this one day I chose to be a wimp! lol...I sooooo do not feel like going home! :) I think I am addicted to cruises. Onto what I did today...it was such a beautiful day in Cabos. The water is so blue! I also noticed closer to the beach the water was more of an aqua color. Cabos doesn't have a big enough dock so the cruise boat anchored as close as possible and tenders came to pick the passengers up to take them on board. When I take this cruise again I am going to go snorkeling and horseback riding :) I wasn't in Cabos long, I found something for my dad and Johnny and that was it. I had so much fun on this Cruise...I am sad it's coming to an end. However, I miss chatting on the phone and the Internet...so I am kind of glad I'll be home soon. The show tonight was pretty good, it was called "Spin" where there was a wheel with different cities on it. Someone would spin the wheel, they would do a "Broadway/Las Vegas" type production on that city with singing and dancing...

    Well, I need to do some squats and crunches :p before I go to the comedy show at 12AM :)
    * * * * * *

    Back from the comedy show and the time has been pushed back 1 hour so that means I get an extra hour of sleep! :) I am going to take an aerobics class in 6 hours so I need to go...night-night...!!! ;)

    June 28, 2003:Saturday

    My last day at sea has been pretty eventful :) Let's see...I attended: the Debarkation Talk, Lunch, Battle of the Sexes (Women won of course :)), the Ultimate mind Game (Which was really fun because it was a trivia type thing with riddle questions), Newlywed and not so Newlywed show (which was fun, 3 couples; 1 married less than 1 year, 1 married 1-25 years, and 1 married 25+ years. It was so cute, the couple that had been married for 60 years won...awwww...), and I'm currently in a Bingo thing :) I am not here to play just to watch.

    On a deeper level...this cruise has been an incredible, internal epiphanic experience for me. I've realized there are some aspects of me that I dislike, not emotionally, but physically. Emotionally, sexually, intellectually, I am perfect ;) I have given myself until October to rectify my dislikes. I am so militaristic/businesslike sometimes! lol...brb...it's about to start ;)
    * * * * * *

    Just got out of an "Ab, Thigh, and Buns" toning class and great news...I've come up with a brand new work-out program!!! I've been bulking because I've been doing too much weights :p My new regiment, before I move because I need to know Boston better before I do any outdoorsy things, Monday, Wednesday, Friday = Pilates and Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday = Cardio (Walking, Jogging, Biking, Aerobics, whichever). I will also be practicing doing the splits! :) According to the instructor if I do the stretches everyday for 3 months I should be able to do the splits, woohoo!!!! So that means...in October I will be posting nude pictures of myself ;) Haha...not really...but I will have some pics up :) Gotta run...dinner...
    * * * * * *

    baaaaacccckkkkkk...I also bought a rosary at Mazatlan...it is made of silver and each and every bead is hand carved roses. It was also blessed by a bishop :)

    Well, I am obviously back from dinner :) One of the nice guys at dinner bought me a drink :) I am so glad I sat with such nice people. I am sch an alcohol wimp...lol...my head hurts and I only had one drink! Eeeehhh...the constant rocking of the boat along with my inebriated I am getting so sleepy...

    Oh...at the embarkation talk Simon, the Cruise director, gave a top 10 list of stupid questions. Here are a couple I remember:
    1. Why do you keep putting packets of butter on our pillows?
    2. What do you do with the ice carvings after they've melted?

    *sigh* Common sense is not so common...

    Well...that's it...lol...I am FINALLY done ;) I will write something more on what's going on more recently later...my fingers are getting tired ;)


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Jun. 30th, 2003 02:54 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you had a great time! Hope you're all rested for the move.

FYI - This week it was wicked hot in Boston, with one day near 100 degrees. Very unusual... It has since cooled down a bit (mid-80s). For your sake, I hope it stays that way for a while and doesn't get hot again. Moving into a new place when it's 100 degrees is murder.
Jun. 30th, 2003 06:40 pm (UTC)
Rested? Hardly...lol...

Thanks for the FYI though ;)
Jun. 30th, 2003 09:08 pm (UTC)
Good to hear you had fun! : D

As a sidenote -- this weekend in Boston it was almost 100F. When I got to Florida, it was 83F. Figures! I still end up with the cooler weather! ; )

The money situation seems good. I'm not the best with money. I mean, I can figure out finances really easily, manage money, etc., but when I get money I tend to not put it towards what it should go towards. Hehe

Alcohol wimp? One drink? Was it a good drink, at the very least?

I went on a cruise a few years ago to Bermuda. There were no ice carvings but there were really nice watermelon carvings. It was so hot in Bermuda that ice carvings would've melted right away.

Ah, it feels good to be back home in Boston. : )
Jun. 30th, 2003 09:27 pm (UTC)
lol...I am pretty bad at managing my money too...I think it is mainly because I've always had my family around to be a crutch :) I know that's bad... :p but I did really well on the cruise, I surprised myself to be a lot more responsible and not the crazy girl I usually am...lol... :)

It was a pina colada...it was pretty damn strong...lol..how was Bermuda and who did you cruise with?
( 4 comments — Leave a comment )