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Word of the day amongst other things...

lasting a short time : evanescent

Did you know?
"Fugacious" is often used to describe immaterial things like emotions, but not always. Botanists also use it to describe plant parts that wither or fall off before the usual time. Things that are fugacious are "fleeting," and etymologically they can also be said to be "fleeing." "Fugacious" derives from the Latin verb "fugere," which means "to flee." Other descendants of "fugere" include "fugitive," "refuge," and "subterfuge."

* * * * *

Onto the other things...I am a charmed girl... :) I was going to go to the club tonight...when I arrived I saw that they weren't open. Ahhh well...but I didn't want to go back home...it was 11PM...and there was too much damn noise around my house due to everyone setting off their fireworks.

Speaking of fireworks...my favorites are the weeping willows, you know...the ones that explodes a gold color and takes a long time to disappear?... :) And the shooting stars the ones that go up all sparkly then KABOOM...

You know...when I got home I was pretty irritated to see all this firework debris...they should truly force people to clean up after their own shit!!! It wouldn't have taken them long to sweep!!!

So I decided to go see a movie, which one? "Legally Blonde 2"...so I hooked up to the Internet on my phone and found that it was playing at the local AMC Cinema 17 which is about 5 miles from my home. So I drove back to Auburn...the movie started around 12PM so I called David around 11:15PM to chat until it was time. Around 11:40ish I got off the phone with David and went into the theatre...I bought some popcorn, a drink, and a bag of Reese's pieces (I love the peanutty crunch ;) ). You know...they should really offer smaller amounts...even though I got a small bag of popcorn I only hate 1/3 of it...and even though I got a small drink I only drank about 1/2 of it...anyway I went into my room...found a seat mid section and sat in the middle. :) I got a prime seat...I hate sitting super close to the screen but I also hate sitting super far...as I was sitting there waiting for the movie a man who was sitting about 6 rows in front of me turned around and started chatting with me. I obliged him, I mean why not there was no one else there. :) We chatted for a bit...found out he is originally from Portland, OR and that he is a truck driver and this was his 2nd movie today, his first being "Terminator 3". The amazing thing about him? He actually paid for "Legally Blonde 2"...he didn't just hop his way over. Honesty like that is hard to find... Well anyway, a few more people trickled in...the movie starts...or the previews anyway...have you noticed that the previews pretty much show the whole damn movie? Out of the 5 previews shown I want to see 4.

I am so excited to be moving to Boston, it's alway fun to see my future hometown shown in a movie :) What does Seattle have? "Sleepless in Seattle" and "10 Things I Hate About You"

Ahem...now onto why I am charmed...after the show I left...and I could drive through town to get home, but I chose to take Highway 18...well for some silly reason I got onto 18 East bound, versus 18 West bound...so after getting onto 18 East bound I took the first exit and got onto 18 West bound...so...I'm driving...singing...driving...singing...I am about 3 miles from my house...and I see sirens flashing behind me...I start thinking, "Oh shit..." I had been driving about 75MPH a few seconds ago and I thought the cop had flipped on his radar and caught me on radar...so I slowed to 65ish...well...he passes all the cars behind me and I am thinking, "Double shit..." but he vrooms right past me...and I am thinking...hmm...what's going on...there were 2 patrol cars...then I see a car in front of me that is not moving...so I am thinking..."ok". To the left I saw about 10 police vehicles...ambulances...firetrucks, the whole bit. So I get into the left lane since the idiot in my lane (the right one) wasn't moving...I was going to pass the police but then the two police cars in front of me slowed down and moved to the left onto the shoulder...so I started inching my way, however, I am uncertain if I would be allowed to pass...some firemen start signaling that it would be ok to pass. I let the stupid red Ford Focus get in front of me (he is the moron that stopped) and I kept moving past. Now what does that have to do with me being charmed? Well...if I had been there seconds sooner I might have been in that car accident. It looked like there were at least 3 cars involved...and it appeared that it had just happened as I saw one guy lying on the ground and was being attended to...I hope everyone's ok... One of the cars looked like it was totally gone...there was shattered glass all over the road...pieces of a car door...the front bumper...it wasn't pretty. It looked to me like someone who had been going 18 East bound fell off the road and rolled into the grass separator of 18 East bound and 18 West bound...and maybe it hit another car?? Or maybe there were 2 cars moving on 18 West bound, were startled by the rolling car and swerved into one another...it is hard to say...the speed limit is 60...they could have easily been going 75 as I had been earlier. *sigh* I am sure alcohol or drugs has something to do with it...when will people learn??? The limit is 0.08% and even if you are under that you can still go to jail if you are driving recklessly. I just hope everyone's ok...

I also gave my mom a quick ring as I was sure she was on her way home to let her know to be careful as there was an accident...I hope she is ok...


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Jul. 5th, 2003 06:35 am (UTC)
That accident sounds horrible. I'm glad you are okay.

I am so excited to be moving to Boston, it's alway fun to see my future hometown shown in a movie

Yay! I haven't seen LBII (nor do I really want to), but I seem to recall the depictions of Boston in the first one to look nothing like it really does.

Speaking of Boston, it seems that I woke up this morning before you went to bed. Should be a fun time-change for you :)
Jul. 5th, 2003 11:16 am (UTC)
lol...I agree...however when they do an aerial view it looks like Boston...they did a shot of the Charles River and the bridge that connects Boston and Cambridge...umm...I only know of one bridge, but I am sure there are plenty.

I can't wait until LXG comes out!!! :)
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