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Oh yeah baby!!!

So here it is!!! Damn my life is great...hehe...

Matrix Reloaded
Eric and I saw this at the IMAX...quite interesting...in terms of me philosophically tearing it to shreds I will have to go see it again...and take a notebook with me. :) It was odd how it differed from the first one...the first one reminded me of Rene Descartes theory of philosophy...this one reminded me of a mixture of Immanuel Kant, John Mills, and Aristotle...hmm...like I said...I must see it again for further description, lj-cut of course ;) I must say one thing though...the Matrix is like the Star Wars of our time...Yoda you say? Morpheus of course...

Dinner with Megan & Grace
On Tuesday I went out to dinner with Megan and Gracey I had so much fun!!! I am slowly but surely getting to see all the people I wanted before I left. Oh...and before that I had lunch with Joe...and I just remembered today that I was actually suppose to have lunch with Michele...ugh...I felt so bad...I gave Michele a call today and we chatted a bit and I told her about my new position. hehe...everyone is so happy for me but I am SO terrified!!! Ugh...I will have to talk more about position in depth in another entry...

As for Grace, Megan, and I, we went to Wasabi Bistro which is a Japanese place downtown...it was very good :) I had fish eggs for the first time...lol...it was definitely interesting. See my mom makes sushi sometimes, but she usually makes a special roll for me without the fish eggs. They don't taste like anything so it wasn't too big of a deal *shrug* After dinner we went to "Wow" the bubble tea place in the U-District. :) We sat there for an hour just chatting. It was fun...the three of us haven't done that in awhile. We sat around...drank...talked about guys...hahaha...told them I am going to cook Italian for them when I get back!!! :)

My plans for the next few days
Well...I was supposed to go to dinner with my cousin on Wednesday but that didn't happen, she forgot to call me and I was sleeping. :) I was also supposed to go hang out with some people at a club...but I forgot and didn't feel like driving all the way to Tacoma. Thursday, David and I packed some stuff so that the movers could have a clearer pathway to my things...and I am almost done packing my clothes I just need to do my laundry and that should be it. :) Then I am alll set to go. My flight leaves out on Saturday at 1:45PM...I kind of wish I could get an earlier flight but I'm not sure if that is possible...maybe I can get on stand-by. I don't really want to arrive in Boston at 9:45PM you know? *shrug* We shall see what happens...I think I will check the airline and see if they have any earlier non-stop flights out to Boston.

That's pretty much it...everything is slowly but surely winding down to a close. Today was gorgeous in Seattle...a nice...hot...93 degrees...haha...Seattle is attempting to acclimate me before I go to Boston...very nice :)

The only bad part? Haha...my brother is so funny...he said, "Man, it's going to get ugly on Saturday before you leave." He referring to my mother's reaction...oh boy...can't see her before I go...it will just make my whole brave front fall apart... :(

Anywhoooo hope everyone has fabulous night...I am sleeeeeeeepppyyy
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