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Whew...I am pretty sleepy... :) I don't think it will be too difficult to get used to this time change...let's see what I have going on shall we?

Hmmm...let's see...where shall I start?? Let me start with the flight last night...I met this really nice lady named Nancy. :) She gave me her business card and let me know that I could give her a call whenever I needed to :) Awww...she was so sweet!! On top of that she took a cab with me. She paid for the whole way to her house ($29.45) and asked the cabby to restart the fare for me. So by the time I got to the hotel it was $10.75 :) Awwwwwww

The weird thing is getting used to chatting with people on the East Coast at the same time. I was sitting here and thinking, "Hmm it is ia 10ish over there...then remembered...oh wait...no it isn't..." :p

I went apartment hunting today with this really nice person named Heather :) She is the broker...so I found a place to live...it is soooo nice...here is the location: ;)

Hehe...I am on Colbourne...near Ransom Rd. :) It is a very nice place, heard it looks similar to Melrose Place. :) I am sooooo excited. It is such a good size toooooo

UGH...my dad just let me know that the movers just left...man...they were there for 9 hours...apparently it was 52 boxes...OUCH...oh man...it will take me a good 2 months to sort through that and get it all cleaned up and stuff...so much to do...so little time... :)

People in Boston have a thing for eyes too...I was complimented on my eyes sooo much today it was funny...flattering, but funny :) And everyone is sooooo nice here!!! :)

Umm...I think there is more, but the "Simpsons" are really distracting!
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