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Me letting my mind wander...

So...What makes a person strong? Wow...I totally said I would write about this days ago...*sigh thoughtfully*

Let's see...I've been thinking about how life just goes so fast...the transition from a child of 5 where coloring outside of the lines seemed so horrid...(at least it was for me, damn me for being a perfectionist at such a young age ;) )

The moving...the people I've met, loved or hated for the past 22 years of my life...*wistful* it really is incredible you know? This growing up process...particularly when you have a great childhood and a loving family. If one were to ask me about a particular characteristic of me and how I am the way I am... :) I can tell them..."Well...I think I react that way because..." *sigh softly* Sometimes...I forget how lucky I am. I have so many who love me...my family has called me almost everyday, if not all three, then at least my brother and my dad. They constantly reminding me that if I need anything to give them a call and reminding me that they are only a phone call away. :) My auntie called me as well to let me know since I am closer they can take care of me better...et cetera, et cetera... :)

I've been thinking...through the trials and tribulations if one can look it square in the face (cowering once in awhile is ok of course, we are only human) and smile...no, seriously...smile and know that you are going to be ok. I mean...I sit here and think of all the things that I've gone through, not harsh of course...but certain things just absolutely break my heart...I mean think of it...

High school can be so rough, people can be so mean and I just wish sometimes that I could have held onto my innocence...

I've always tried to stand my ground when everybody around me is giving in...

And now? I am soon going to be living in my own apartment...and in a way...I will still be living on dreams...

But what really makes you strong? Martina McBride says it best...

Whose ever had a broken heart
Whose wished upon a shooting star
and remembering that you're beautiful the way you are
Who love without holding back
Who'd dream with everything they had
All around the world

To me...if one can still do that after all their life has dealt them...they are one hell of a person. Not many can...some become so bitter and cynical...and in a way I fear that I too will fall into that horrible slump. I tell myself though, I will never be like that, because I don't want to. And there is no reason I should...I want to always be able to wish upon a shooting star...love without holding back...who dreams with everything I have...no matter what happens.

With that said...it is remembering that every laugh line...every wrinkle, from stress or happiness...those experiences made you who you are today...

I know a joke a lot...and I say certain people *cough, look hapharzdly in caballero's general direction...are you know...men...or ugly..et cetera...haha...but in all honesty. I like to believe that people have something going for them...and some have it all going for them. However I do not believe that someone has NOTHING. One just has to find it...whether it is to be a model because they are stunningly gorgeous...or to do something more academic because they are so brilliant...and there are those...who have a little of everything. :) Hmmm...I know this entry didn't make too much sense...but I let my mind wander...

Yeah, we're all the same inside...from 1 to 99


Aug. 13th, 2003 09:50 am (UTC)
I still color outside the lines. : (

But I think outside the box, so it's all good.

I think there's infinite strength in everyone, it just has to be found.

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