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Well...me and drbrain saw Minority Report...it wasn't too bad...slightly predictable in some areas, but all in all the story line was very interesting. Other than that...Saturday proved to be fairly uneventful...

(personal note)
Eric, I have high hopes!!! :) Everything is going to be good! I am so excited!
(end personal note)

My job is driving me insane...however, good news is...I am NETWORKING! I have contacted an HR person who recruits Information Systems Analysts. So "yea me"!

This is what I sent her:

Hi her first name,

I am currently an intern in the Agency and Distribution section. I will be graduating next year and I am interested in applying for an analyst position.

Bleep Bleep referred me to you, she said you are the one who would know most about the IS analyst positions.
I was wondering if you could tell me what qualifications or requirements are needed for these positions:

Business Analyst
Program Analyst
Systems Analyst
Quality Assurance Analyst

Are there any "Associate Analyst" positions for any of these?


Yesssss....I am sooo excited!

Also, I think I mentioned this, I volunteered to help out with the SAFECO Intern events.

This coming Monday, July 8th, all of the SAFECO interns have an opportunity to meet with Mike (CEO of SAFECO) and Allie (VP of HR). There will be an hour luncheon then the meeting will commence.

On July 25th there will also be an all intern Argosy luncheon cruise! Yea...this is so fun! Unfortunately, that same night there is another event, which I won't mention. :p.

I have been so terribly busy at work trying to figure out and finish things with my regular job as well as contacting about 35 different interns!

(sigh) C'est la vie...

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