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I am an adult...

Yeaaa...I got the apartment...let me tell you what happened to me!!! :) Welllll everyone is SO damn sweet...I will be busy writing some thank you letters tonight :)

Ok...so as I said yesterday about the whole money fiasco...
9:00-9:15checked ATM to see if Gillette had given me my money
9:30-9:50Let the Manager of relocation know about my situtation

By the way...cloudancer you were right!!! *hug* The Gillette Company offered to pay for my apartment with the Corporate American Express card...Awwwww...however, as usual there is a draw back...the realtor's do not accept the card. *big sigh*
10:00-1:00Met in South Boston with some people
1:15-1:30Went back to talk to Mgr of Relocation

Then the Mgr. of Relocation told me, "You are not leaving here to sign your lease without money. I am going to call the company who handles with our money transfers, if your account doesn't have the necessary funds I will go with you to the bank and transfer the money from my savings account to yours"

OMG...she was going to let me borrow her money *feels so loved* *sniff* OMG...I am just so damn touched...everyone has been so good to me here...I seriously need to make a list of people to write thank you letters to...*sigh* What does this mean?


I LOVE IT!!! AHHHHHHH!!! *BOUNCE UP AND DOWN EXCITEDLY, BOUNCE AROUND IN A CIRCLE* WOOHOOOOOO OH YEAH BABY!!! Hahahahahahaa...*wishes she could do a hand spring and an aerial* I went to the bank...the cash was there!!! WOOHOOO

What else? I bought some food from CVS...and some of my yummy V8 fruit drink thingies...Hmmm...let's see, what else? I also ordered my phone service along with DSL...and I also got cable. So...I will have phone service on the 28th of July...TV cable on the 23rd of July...and Internet access between the 8th-10th of August. :) Soooo woohooooooo umm...what else?? The lady who I chatted with from Verizon was soooo sweet...I told her where I worked because she asked and she was like, "Oooh my Aunt used to work there...yada yada yada" and then at the end of the conversation she goes, "Well welcome to Massachussetts honey, you'll love it here! Be careful ok? Nice people here, but sometimes the nicest people are the ones that are not so nice." Hehe...she was warning me...she is like mom or possibly grandma old so she was just being sweet. I told her I didn't need long distance because the only people I chat with have the same phone plan as me, Sprint :) I just feel...so loved...

Hmmm I think that's it? I will post more later...I need to eat then go work-out :)

OMG I just love my apartment...I walked in and remembered why...I love it...*sniff* I can't wait to have company over...who wants to come over??? Anyone?? Anyone??? :D

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