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So far anyway...but my life usually is :) It is currently 3:10 post meridiem...Hmmm...and I have so much on mind at the moment. Wanted to post some thoughts...but...amazingly, I drew a blank. I wonder what is wrong with me? My mind is full of things to do and yet I cannot seem to grasp the best time to do so. :(

First thing's first I suppose. When I get back to my hotel I am going to lay out my clothes for tomorrow, pack my suitcases and take one of my suitcases to my new place. After that I will return to the hotel to pick up the other suitcase. I know that is terribly inefficient, however, both bags are so terribly heavy it would just be simpler (though less efficient) for me to take them to my hotel one at a time. Estimated return time to hotel so I can work-out? I hope 11PM *sigh softly* Ahh well...what can one do? It needs to be done :)

Oooh...I told one of the VP's of HR for IT yesterday about my whole housing situation and she is sooo funny. She said that she is so glad they chose me and she feels they made the correct choice. That is always nice. :) I like that I was a good choice for the company. I think she said it mainly because I was handling the stress of it all so well. She was like, "I am glad you can laugh about the whole thing, I would be tearing my hair out" haha...

Anyhow...I have a meeting at 4:00 Post Meridiem...and there are some things I need to get done. Soooo...until later :)

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