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11:50PM – August 3, 2003

Boy, where do I start? There has been so much going on in my life I have no idea where to begin. Well…I think last I left off I had…hmm…did I mention Carlos? Well, let’s start with a couple of Tuesday’s ago…After having signed my lease on the 21st of July on the 22nd I caught a bus from the hotel to my new apartment so I could drop off the bags. Well I met the nicest bus driver. She gave me a free pass and dropped me off half a block from the bus stop that I needed to be at to get to the ‘T’. Anyhow, I met Carlos who told me that I could just follow him because his apartment was right in front of the B-line, so that’s what happened. Carlos was so nice he carried my bag for me, we exchanged numbers and we have hung out a few times ;) What else? I did quite a bit of unpacking the following Saturday…oh yeah, the movers came the following Wednesday and they dropped off everything including my car. That totally rocked because this meant that I could drive to the hotel. Well I got lost. Hahah…for 2.5 hours I was lost…how did I get un-lost? Well…I called Nancy, you guys remember her right? I met her on the plane :) I gave her a call…she was awesome! She knew where I was and gave me directions from there to the hotel, from the hotel to the nearest Shaw’s (a grocery store), then from Shaw’s to my apartment! :) Since then I’ve purchased 3 maps…one for all of New England, one for Eastern Massachusetts, and an other that is a small map of Eastern Massachusetts and it is more detailed. As I was saying I got quite a few boxes unpacked on Saturday, the following Saturday so it was the 26th hehe…

Umm…what else? I hung out with Nancy on the 27th which was a Sunday…and I told her that I would help her nephew study for the LSAT’s :) Umm…what else? Oh…well my tire went flat *big sigh* and apparently I will be buying new tires in a couple of months. :( Anyway I met this really nice guy who changed my tired for me :) I meet the greatest people here!!! Umm…overall I think that’s it. This being of course the most edited version of what’s been going on only because I am too lazy to write the “whole” story.

In more current events I will be getting a Brazilian wax soon :) kind of exciting, but the thought is of course pretty painful…haha…

Oh…on other things…my kitchen, foyer, and part of my bathroom are completely clean! :) I mean I swept, mopped, wiped down, sanitized, the whole bit. Since my foyer is more clean now it looks so empty I need stuff! I am hoping for some decorating help near the beginning of September :)

Oh yeah…I’ve also been working out quite a bit since I joined the gym near my office…how much? During lunch and after work :) there is this really great ab class at 12! :) Anyway…I am getting tired…I need to go to bed… Night night!

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