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Something with a little panache...

:) So...I've been thinking...chatting...analyzing...figuring things out...and I would like to say thank you to drchase, ronalum and of course, caballero...

Ron said:
  1. I think a guy who would not take you places you wanted to go were inherently selfish and took you for granted.
  2. My guess is that someday, in some way, they will regret it.

Damn straight they will...when I am successful and they suck...hahahhaha, no, I'm kidding. I am actually feelings tons happier right now...and am looking forward to this weekend... :)

It's funny, I used to joke around and say that I needed 2-3 different men to keep me happy. I am truly beginning to understand now that all I really need is an incredible guy and I need one. The older I've been getting the more I've realized I am definitely a one man kind of woman. I don't like to date so many people at once, I prefer to date just one at a time and see where it goes, perhaps not the most efficient way to do things, however I somehow feel that I am able to focus and give more attention to one guy versus 5-10 ;) Trust me, I've done that before...damn it's tiring...I'm getting old now! lol...

I just cross my fingers that I will not date another selfish guy...and that I will be able to find someone who is my equal. All the men I have dated have not been somewhere down the line...here's foreseeing a better tomorrow :)


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Aug. 17th, 2003 09:46 am (UTC)
The Natalie Advisory Council says you are welcome!
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