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As usual...

when I am not at my computer I think of lots of things to say, however, now that I am here, sitting and typing, nothing, nada, finite...ahh well. Let's start with this weekend shall we? Many of you know the sordid story...Hahahahahha...yeah, well *shrug* hahaha...happy times...

I spend the weekend, or at least Saturday and a good part of Sunday with drchase I had a great time :) More physical information on a personal entry, anywhooo...we ate, talked, watched movies, played video games, he showed me around Winthrop :), and...umm...kissed :) That's it. He's comfy...and I love his biceps :D hahahaha...ok ok...I know...*sigh*

Other than that...I have sorted my mail, taken care of bills, and shredded the personals. My attack plan for my finances, take care of Loan #1 first before March and credit card bills...and I believe that's it :) I am really happy, I have a lot more money than I thought I would so it's great. Oh...I really need to get some sort of flyer mile program on my credit card so when I use it, it won't be a big deal. Speaking of which I will be getting my new Mass. license and plates tomorrow *yeaaaa* hahaha...so drchase when you see my car again you won't be able to recognize it :)

Anyhow...I should go night night...toodles :)

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