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My third date with the illustrious drchase

Well let's see...it started out with him arriving at my work 20 minutes too early...causing him to wait 30 minutes for me to come downstrairs. I got caught in a meeting, and I totally wasn't expecting him to get there so early...*shake head* I had no idea it would only take him 30 minutes to get to the Pru...and on top of that he left at like 4:30...hehe...that's ok...he is so sweet. It was really funny because when I saw him and gave him a hug he looked so stern. *shake head* So anyway, we caught the T at Hynes and got to my place. As we were walking he attempted to pick out which apartment was mine...lol...he's been to my place quite a few times, but never after getting off the T, simply because I usually pick him up and we enter my apartment the back way. :)

After doing my usual checking mail stuff we went to my apartment, he looked around my kitchen to see what I had in terms of available food as we were planning to cook dinner, then after a brief...uh...hmm...I'm not sure what to call it...relaxing perhaps? Yes, that sounds good, after a brief relaxing session in my room we left to go to the store. We stopped at Best Buy because I wanted to buy a cable for my DVD player, my brother didn't feel like looking for it *shake head* and at the time I was borrowing drchase's, which I still have (reminder to self). So David found the cable for me, I picked up FFX, I've already beaten it a few times, but David hasn't. I told him he can't play FFX-2 until he has beaten FFX, I just can't allow that, simply because I detest not understanding the flow of a story line. I think the hardest thing of FFX was really understanding the grid and how that plays into the game, so I will definitely help him with that. If my brother doesn't send me my PS2 soon I am going to just go buy a new one. *nod*

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right...so we went to the Watertown Mall, as that is one of the closest malls to me and I wanted to stop by Target to get a bigger skillet, as we needed that for dinner. While at Target I also grabbed a corkscrew thingy, a garlic crusher, nicer silverware, and wine glasses. :) I have some at my place, but they are more for champagne, versus whites or reds. I really like these glasses too because it reminds me of my parents...they have glasses with the same design on them. :) After leaving Target we stopped by Shaw's and picked out the necessary ingredients...then stopped by Marty's Liquor, I'm not sure how long we were there. David picked up some Arak and Port...and I picked up some Bacardi Vanilla, Queen Anne's cherry covered chocolates, white wine for dinner and another bottle of white wine for cooking. After we left there we returned to my place. Sheesh...by the time we got back I think it was about 9:30PM...so it was pretty late to cook, but we were both very hungry. Awww...and one of the sweetest things too...David carried all the bags...hehe...he is so sweet! I mean...he carried everything and I only carried one bag and that was my alochol stuff...*sigh* Why can't more men be like him? Seriously, it was so...well...not to sound archaic...but it was so chivalrous.

So I didn't do much of the cooking, I just boiled the tortellini and washed the silverware, glasses, and skillet for the food. Oh...and I also peeled the garlic while he chopped the vegetables...hehe... It was very cute, it was his first time working with a gas stove and he didn't realize that it heated up so quickly... :) I must say that I was very surprised that is such a good cook, I've never dated anyone who could cook like him before...

The worst part of the food? It took forever for the damn water to boil!!! UGh... Oh...and the Port that David got was really yummy and sweet...the white wine I got was good, but really strong...I only went through it halfway...*sigh* Yeah yeah...I know futurejudge

So anyway, after having settled down in my room with pasta and some of his yummy mushroom cream sauce, wine, and bread for me...we watched Clue. :) Well...kind of...we watched while we ate...and half watched afterwards...lol...

The poor thing had a horrible headache too...*sigh* I, of course, not much of a drug taker had nothing for him to take...I will have to buy some Tylenol or something just to have around for him or anyone else who comes over. *nod* Umm...let's see...

That was pretty much our evening...two of the things I really like about him? His spontaneity and affection attitude towards me. :) I mention it more so now because he is showing it more so than before...it's great!!! I have to say that out of the three dates we have had I think this one is definitely my favorite...


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Aug. 28th, 2003 02:36 pm (UTC)
Sounds like you really, really, really, really had fun!
Aug. 29th, 2003 06:51 am (UTC)
Yes, yes I did :)
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