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RI Information for meeeee

I was wondering if I should start a megillah...eh...no, probably shouldn't. I've been thinking of my trip to RI...ST is SO damn awesome! He remembered to bring me membership card so not only do I get to go into the Mansions for free (the prices range from $10-$20) but I also get into a special line for members only... OH YEAH! And not just that...but I get to pretend to me a Mrs. T hahahaha...

So the cable guy is coming over tomorrow so after...uh OH...SHIT I scheduled a hair appointment...I better cancel that now. ugh...grrrr Excellent...just cancelled my hair appointment...moving on. So after the cable guy leaves tomorrow (he is arriving from 11:00-1:00) I will be off to RI!!! YEaaa!!! *does a little dance* So my plan is to head towards Providence for Saturday then hit Newport on Sunday, because I will have more time. :) I just hope I don't get lost...lol...watch me drive down to GA ROFLMAO...eh...anyway here's what I'm thinking...

Tower of Revenge (Sunday)
Drum Rock (Saturday)
DeWolf Cemetery (Sunday maybe Saturday)
King Philip's Throne (Sunday maybe Saturday)
Pet Cemetery (Sunday maybe Saturday)
Bristol Historical and Preservation Society Museum (Sunday maybe Saturday)
Abandoned Civilization in Coventry (Saturday)
Ram Tail Ruins (Saturday)
Purgatory Chasm (Sunday)
Belcourt Castle (Sunday)
Beyond Brenton Point (Sunday)
Rough Point (Sunday)
Cliff Walk (Sunday)
Backward Church (Saturday)
John Brown House Museum (Saturday)
H.P. Lovecraft's grave (Saturday)
The RISD Art Museum (Saturday)
The Providence Athenaeum (Saturday)
The Corvair Gravestone (Saturday or Sunday)
Little Rose Family Chapel (Saturday or Sunday)
The Breakers (Sunday)
Chateau-sur-Mer (Sunday)
Chepstow (Sunday)
The Elms (Sunday)
Hunter House (Sunday)
Isaac Bell House (Sunday)
Kingscote (Sunday)
Marble House & Rosecliff (Sunday)
Cliff Walk (Sunday)

*reviews list* Uh...anyone else think that's too much? I should trim that down...uh...haha...I will see what I can get done and talk about those when I get back...*shake head* Too many things to do, not enough time!


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Sep. 5th, 2003 11:51 am (UTC)
You have Cliff Walk twice.

That may be a bit much to do. ; )
Sep. 5th, 2003 12:16 pm (UTC)
Did you think that maybe I want to walk the Cliff Walk twice?
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