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I'm falling in love...

with New England, (who out there thought I was going to say a guy's name? haha). I had a lot of fun this weekend going down to Rhode Island. I am definitely going to be travelling more within the New England region! I went down there on Saturday and I actually got a late start because the cable guy didn't come over until 1ish. However, he did do a premium installation AND he waived the charge for it... hehe...that was very nice of him *nod* So by the time I got to RI it was around 3ish, I had to take a shower and stuff after the cable guy left. I woke up early but I was playing video games...*hang head* I know...I should have been getting ready...*shrug* So surprise, surprise, I didn't do all the things I said I was going to try to do, why? Not enough time. So on Saturday I went to Swan Point Cemetery and I walked around for about 2 hours or so. It is a HUGE cemetery...and VERY old...there were some people buried from as early as 1870! I was specifically looking for H.P. Lovecraft's grave. Who is he you ask? Wellll his full name is Howard Phillips Lovecraft and he is best remembered for his tales of the "Cthulhu Mythos". Can you guess? He was a writer...he wrote weird, gothic-like, horror stories. :) It was worth it though I couldn't find him. I know what lot he is in, but no one was at the Office of the cemetery to answer that question so perhaps I shall go earlier at a later date. *nod*

Sunday...I did leave a little earlier :) I left at 11:30, so I got to Newport around 1...I went to the Elms, the Breakers, and the Marble House...all beautiful mansions resembling the Gilded Age era. Absolutely breath-taking. Unfortunately, no pictures on the inside of the mansions. I really wanted to take pictures of the outside of the grounds and the gardens, however I forgot to recharge my batteries. lol...*shrug* Ah well...I will have to go back. For one day I got to pose as Mrs. H. T... :) That was fun. The first guy looked at me dubiously and asked, "Are you Mrs. H. T...?" And I raised my eyebrow and him and replied rather haughtily, "That's Mrs. H. T..." he pronounced the name incorrectly. haha..so he said, "Oh, ok, sorry Mrs. H. T..." *shake head*

So I ended up parking my car and walking around, I think I probably got in a good 3 miles of walking. I would have loved to walk the Cliff Walk, unfortunately I did not bring water and oddly where the mansions are there are not many stores. *shrug* Probably because there are people who live near the mansions. So I was beginning to get dehydrated, the weather was gorgeous, about 82 and not too bad on the humidity since I was so close to the Atlantic. The Breakers was GORGEOUS...the ballroom looked out into the Atlantic...it was SO close! One could literally walk 100 feet to get there. *sigh* Anyway...I need to scoot, there is a moving playing at 7:45PM and I need to return an overdue movie at Blockbuster...lol...


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Sep. 7th, 2003 05:33 pm (UTC)
Ah... Call of cthulhu.... *Thinks back to college*

heh heh

chris x
Sep. 7th, 2003 06:41 pm (UTC)
lol...you've read it hmm?
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