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Patriot or Idiot?

So...had a pretty good fourth, just got home. I went to GasWorks Park to see the fireworks, they were beautiful and I must admit that whoever choreographed the fireworks and chosen music did an excellent job. For instance,

For the song "Great Balls of Fire" everytime the chorus was sung TONS of red balls of fireworks would show. I cannot remember which classical song it was...it was a concerto by Bach, I think... and it matched the rhythm perfectly.

I always saw the 4th of July as another day for American's to get drunk and party. lol...maybe that is unfair, but for awhile I guess I just thought that people forgot why we celebrated the fourth. I have come to realize that the 4th is no longer seen for just the "Declaration of Independence", it is much more than that. It seems to represent the freedom, liberties, and justice. The rights we have, the right of choice, speech, bear arms, etc. I was amazed at the overwhelming sense of patriotism that I felt today. Not from myself, but from others. I, being a military brat, grew up patriotic. My father was a CDR in the Navy, hard to not be patriotic.

I suppose I have said my piece...I am getting rather drowsy... ;)

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