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Rain rain...

go away...and of course it did as I was leaving New Hampshire...lol...I just got back from NH and I am tired...ugh...and stinky...and sweaty...I need to take a shower. :p Sooooo it was very nice...I actually met some nice people while I was there too. :) First off, let's talk about last night shall we? I went to dinner with futurejudge delightful as usual...haha...we had fun, he made some comments about me being high maintenance, blah blah blah...I dropped him off at his friends house and went to a club called Avalon. It was fun...crowded as all hell though...I did meet someone there. We ended up going to The Kell's. I made a comment that it was too expensive there (he had bought me a drink, it was like my second that night, my first had been with futurejudge) so he took me to the Kell's, he drank...and he ordered me a drink, but I drank some and explained I am a cheap drinking date as I do not have a high tolerance for alcohol...lol...He walked me back home...kind of. We caught the 'T' together and then he walked me to my apartment.

As for today...I saw some interesting things as I drove to my destination. I saw a Burger King with a fireplace, a McDonald's that sells lobster rolls, and I also saw a Bavarian Chocolate Haus. :) I was also able to catch some pre-fall foliage as I was driving back...OMG it is SO beautiful!!! I like NH, I could see myself living there for retirement! :)

So I took pictures, but I will have to post those later, I really need to take a shower!


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Sep. 15th, 2003 09:59 am (UTC)
Retirement???? Already???? At your age???? OMG have you, Ms high maintenance, found a way to live on $0.57 a month??? (aside from marrying rich.) You need to write a book!
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