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Yes...it was a lot of fun...there is so much to talk about...today however has been so incredibly exhausting, as I am sure tomorrow at work will be as well. I am just so busy it is getting hard for me to catch up with everything. I realized today that I am working on 9 different projets at work, 2 of which are unplanned events...lol...they got plopped onto my desk sometime last week. :)

As for my date...let's see...on Monday, drchase and I went to Tealuxe on Newbury Street, near Copley. It was really fun, I've never been to a place before that specialized in only selling teas. lol...OMG and it was sooooo funny...we were sitting there and I was done with my tea and he is talking about something...and I reach over, take his tea cup and I take a sip of his tea. ROFLMAO...the expression his face was SO priceless! Then he looked at me and said, "So, what do you think?" and I said, "Not bad, but mine was better." ;) haha...we came back to my place and he sat on my couch, which he really likes! :) I half sat/laid on him and was kissing him...hehe...anyway, we ended up going to my room and playing some FFX. I told him that I really want him to finish the game before I buy FFX-2 *thinks December 3...drools* Anyway...I think we played that for a bit...we didn't get very far, we were playing truth or dare at the same time. We admitted to one another that I was not good at dares and he was not good at truths...so...I only asked him dares and he only asked me truths...that last about 2 turns on each side, because my last dare was a real doozy. hehe...that will be divulged in a privater entry...

Then we grabbed some dinner...and we watched Family Guy and Futurama...Hmm...then I took him home...estimated time saying good-bye? 1.33 hours...

ok...I'm tired...private entry tomorrow...*cross fingers, knock on wood*


Sep. 17th, 2003 01:29 pm (UTC)
You really want to know the dare? Only if you are good ;) Guess I can't hide stuff from you due to the pending date of Feb. 14...lol...

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