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The days in my life...

lol...Seriously...My days have been sort of crazy...the funny part is? I don't remember a lot of what I did that day to make it nuts...yesterday was insane though...meetings...work...meetings...work...

Today...I got into a work a little late (oops...) I've just been so exhausted of late...I need to go to the gym...anyway, had lunch with Steve (from my work), I had to run to South Boston for a meeting...then since I had driven to work, I took my car back home, caught the T to work...and made it just in time for a 4:30PM meeting! OH YEAH! haha...then I had to leave around 5:30ish to meet some co-workers for drinks...however, I forgot that I had an info session at MIT. So I cut the drinks short and went to MIT. Call me "Lady Luck" I found the building with almost no complication. I got off at Kendall/MIT and there was the Coop, I walked in, asked someone if they knew where the Sloan School of Management was, they said no, but a really nice guy from UK said he did. As he was about to explain to me where to go, his cell phone rang and he said, "hold on, sorry, gotta take this, it's a call from London" lol...he told the person on the phone to hold and he gave me the directions Fortunately, I was literally only 2 blocks away.

MIT looks fabulous, the bad news? I have to quit work...*sigh* well that isn't happening...I guess I will have to try Harvard...lol...

However, one of the alumni, whom I spoke with after the session works at Gillette...hehe...he works on the 43rd floor. I knew he looked familiar...I had done something with him in it...umm...can't divulge too much info, but yeah :) I also met another guy...hehe...Mmm...he was such a sweetheart...

Anyway, then I walked back to the T, disappointed because I knew MIT wouldn't work, however, I did meet another guy. He attends MIT and is in his 2nd year at Sloan...well speak of the devil. We spoke a bit, exchanged numbers...lol...People in Boston are so nice :) I really like it here. I got home around 10:00...Hmm...ate some food and watched a movie...

I have to catch up on e-mail though, then I think it will be good...ugh...I need to go to bed soon...I'm getting tired :)

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