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Quick Post...

Today was a weird day...I've been in a bit of a weird mood...had an interesting conversation with drchase as well as my friend caballero...my patience for dumb ass' has become increasingly shorter as I have gotten older...

I also have no patience for people who only bitch about their situations and they don't do anything about it...and I am not referring to anyone on my journal list, just people in general. So damn irritating...lol...I told caballero I lose a small ounce of respect for people who seek pity constantly, who seem to thrive on it. *shrug* I tend to be a fairly upbeat person myself, however, I've been feeling slightly under the weather which has caused me to be a little more impatient then normal. My remedy? lol...well last night I bought a DVD set and Kingdom Hearts...today I did a little shopping spree to one of my favorite stores, Victoria's Secret :) while of course passing another favorite, Tiffany's. hehe...Do I feel better? A little...does it change how I feel about whiny people? Not really... ugh...I feel like there is something strongly missing, I just haven't quite figured it out yet, but I am sure I will. However, right now...I think I am just very tired...mainly of one thing...however, the little things don't help. So I've weeded a few of the little things out...however, I am still stuck with one thing.

You know...I've seen some people say that their journal does not truly reflect who they are...I guess everyone is different. I write in livejournal to keep memories, sort of like an on-line verbal scrapbook of my thoughts and feelings. In essence about 70% of my journal is me...the other 30% are things that people would have to know me and see me to truly understand. I wonder why some people have journals? To portray something they wished they could be? Or perhaps portray a life they wish they could have? I mean should people really be called "friends" on livejournal? Shouldn't they just be called observers until otherwise proven? To be honest, there is no one on my list that is truly my friends except for a few smattering of people who know me personally. I would have to say about 70% of my entries are public...15% friends only, 5% Erotic story friends only...2% (as of late) is shared ONLY with drchase and the finaly 8% is private for only me.

Sometimes my curiousity drives me near insanity. I don't understand so many things...I don't understand why some people live their life complaining about what they don't have and yet do nothing to better their situation. I don't understand why some people lie about who they are to anyone and everyone...who are they running from and why? I don't understand why people set up random dates on friendsters versus meeting someone in the regular old fashioned way...I don't understand why some have such drive to succeed in life and yet others choose to flop around like a fish out of water? I don't understand people who say they are going to "try" to do something...I don't understand people who say they "can't" do something.

*big sigh* Sometimes...I am like a child...so inquisitive, confused...and naive to the world...other times I am an adult and I feel disgust for people who only complain about their situations and do nothing to help themselves...<-this needs some re-evaluating...

I've always been good at solutions...especially in HS...*remembers, use it for good not evil* Hmm...*thinks of a strategic maneuver as I waltz off to bed*


Sep. 25th, 2003 08:15 am (UTC)
Why would you be nice to me in the first place, even offer me your phone number

Because I am a nice person.
only to turn around and pull this?

Pull what? Hmm...just read your entry. You want me to take it up with you personally do you? Fine. Call me. I will IM you my work number
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 25th, 2003 03:26 pm (UTC)
Chris, you are incredibly lame. I am not usually so rude to people but if you feel that my opinions of you are wrong or false and are not willing to "talk about it" even though it was your idea. Then fine, delete me from your friends list because you are sort of creepy.

As for my opinions about you set in stone you don't know anything about me. Unlike some people, I am very open-minded and not adverse to change. If you knew anything you could figure that out on your own. It seems pretty obvious, think about it, I moved 3000 miles from my home and my family for a job. I knew absolutely no one out here when I did that, so you can just shut up with your "I'm lonely" shit. I don't care and I don't empathize with you. However, considering that you are pretty "set" thinking I am stupid then


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