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Darling drchase is such a sweetheart! :) Saw him yesterday, picked him up around 1:45ish...but he wasn’t ready :p So I decided to drive to the nearest place to get my car washed. After that I went back to get him. :) I was probably driving for about 5 minutes when he looked at me and said, “You look pretty today” *melts* hehe...he is soooo sweet! To be honest, I was kind of surprised, he’s never said that to me before...*sigh* Anyway...umm...oh right, so we went to Best Buy so he could look for a movie he wanted and so I could buy a router, I ended up getting this

:) Then we went back to my place. We sat around on my couch and...talked? a bit...then he installed the router for me...we went to my room and he played FFX (Weeee FFXII is coming out soooonnnn) for about an hour, then we went out to Bamboo, a Thai restaurant. We came back to my place, he played FFX a little longer while I did my nails, then we umm...sort of watched Mulholland Drive...it started getting interesting mid-way and of course since I hadn’t been paying attention in the beginning I was completely lost to where the movie was then. *sigh* Oh well...there’s always next time. So...I am thinking we plan a day trip for next Saturday...OR there is that maze thing!!!! OOOHHHh that would be sooooo much fun!!! There is so much more to tell...perhaps in a privater entry...

*bounce up and down* Oh well...perhaps something more meaningful at a later time, maybe sometime tomorrow, my show is on :)

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