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*hug coprolith hard*


Ahem...I had a dream a few nights ago...I was walking down the aisle and my dad was actually walking me which means he must have liked the guy...lol...anyway, my future husband took my hand and my hand was tingly. This man still made me tingle!!! No one has ever done that...I mean, I've been tingly before but after a year or so of dating? That is unheard of...I stopped tingling with Eric and Kalen about a month or so afterwards. I was absolutely melting...he slid the ring onto my finger as he was saying the words and I...well...I started crying...my heart was beating fast, my hand was trembling...I had never experienced a joy such as that moment in time. As I said the words, my voice trembled with feeling, I felt a force so strong of love vibrating through my body. I knew this was the man that I would love and cherish forever, at least for the rest of my life. This was the kind of love that would surpasses all time, distance, people, wrongness, everything...

I looked up slightly, he squeezed my hand and murmured, "I love you Natalie", at that moment my hearts stopped...and I whispered, "I love you" (why couldn't I have said his name? hmph...) I never knew who this man was...when our lips touched...*sigh* the feeling was indescribable... My maid of honor handed me back my engagement ring so I could put it on over the wedding band...OMG what a ring!!! It was exactly what I wanted...lol...yes this is the materialistic side...but oh the feeling...I've never felt such power...

Anyway...back to what coprolith has made me realize...I date men who do not want a relationship...they just want fun...more on this later...

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