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Interesting day...

I went to Salem and drove through the most picturesque areas of Boston...I want to live in Swampscott...too bad it's so damn expensive. lol...you would think with a name like Swampscott it wouldn't be so...but it is...alas, what is one to do?

It was fun, it was me, my boss, and her friend we went shopping and my boss gave me a microwave, so I can now nuke potatoes and popcorn ;) Gotta love it.

After that I went to Boston Costume and bought this white toga with gold embroidery. I am debating either being a Greek goddess, an Angel, or a Cherub...haha...a very versatile costume isn't it? I just need to buy a few accessories and call it good. So it looks like I will be going to New Hampshire afterall. So, interesting things happened today...I don't know if I just haven't been getting out a lot or what...but there were like 6 guys working at the Costume shop...and they all hit on me...hahaha...however, I did get free Mardi Gras beads. :D One of the guys said this to me, "You have the most beautiful eyes" I replied with a thank you of course...then the one who was handling my purchase says, "So Natalie (he had looked at my credit card), do you think it would be a bad idea if we all dressed in orange and ran down the freeway pretending to be escaped convicts?" ROFLMAO...I actually thought that was kind of funny...he also apologized to me because he said he had a mouth like a sailor...I found that amusing. I hadn't even heard him swear, but apparently he had before I got to the register. Such a gentleman...lol...the men on the east coast are definitely interesting. ;)

The one who gave me the mardi gras beads said, "My mom's name is Natalie" haha...umm...that's nice...? Then he continued with, "You know...you should wear glasses or something to protect those eyes, you don't want them to get damaged." *raise eyebrow* Right...bye bye boys...haha...one of them did try to get my number...that was also amusing...my friend Steven asked, "So what did you say?" and I told the little boys (they were in college) that I was taken and dating someone...lol...

Steven said I should have gave them this number: 212.479.7990 lol...seriously...call it, it's funny. I told him that would have been mean. It is better to just be honest. *shrug* A little later I decided to take a little walk and walked down to Harvard Street to the Starbucks there...uh...is it just me? Maybe it's my hair? Guys seems to be...noticing me more than usual. Well, it is getting to be that time of the year I suppose. *shurg* Anyhow...drchase and I are supposed to get together tomorrow at 1100 so I better go to bed...

Night! *blows a kiss* ;)

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