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Wow I haven't posted in awhile...*shake head* Sometimes I am so forgetful. I forgot to push my clock back an hour, I am sitting at the computer looking at the time and I realize...that it is not 10:15, but 9:15...and I'm thinking..."Wait, that wasn't today was it?" to do a test I turn off the cell phone and turn it back on...and low and behold it is. Which means I have 3.25 hours before I go to meet Michael. haha...how funny...oh well, I need to cook myself breakfast anyway. In the life of me there has been a ton of things going on...so much that I could kick myself for not posting more frequently. I have a feeling that if I can squeeze the time and emotional mindset in that my next few entries will be quite long as I am technically catching up for over a week of activities. Speaking of activities...ladylaw7 we should get together!!!! I know you and futurejudge are quite busy with school, but do try to fit me into your schedule! haha...I still want to meet Mitch...and I still want to go to Hong Kong! :D

So...let's see? drchase and I went to the Davis Farmland Corn Maze...it was SO much fun!!!!!!!!!! I think we spent almost 2 hours walking around that thing! We found the crown, we answered 9 out of 12 questions...and we went over 7 out of the 8 bridges! We could have finished, but I was getting tired of being lost. lol...what else? We got a crown (paper, like the ones you get at Burger King or something) one for each of us...and as we left the exit someone gave each of us a "gold coin" :) It was great!! We have souvenirs!!! Yeaaa *does a little dance* Oh...the best part of it? The cost is $10.95...but David and I didn't have to pay...why? Because I'm a lucky girl and some lady handed me 2 tickets for the maze and 2 tickets for the Davis Farm thing (that is more for kids, but I guess grown-ups can go to it too). It was weird, because she just handed them to me without telling me why. *shrug* We thanked her and went through the shorter line which was open for people who had advanced tickets. It was fun...*sniff* we didn't get to hold hands as much as I would have liked because some of the trails were a little narrow...bit that's ok. By the time we got back to his house it was about 18:50ish...and a record time for when he got out my car :) I believe it was 20:15...*thinks* Naw...we've done longer...Hmm...I miss him. :)

As for work...OMG I have been SO DAMN busy!!! I will have to talk about that later though, simply because I am starting to get hungry and I need to get ready to meet Michael...but on an ending note...

So as many of my close friends know I tend to be a pretty controlling person in the sense that I like to have absolute control over my life and how it is affected by outside influences. Crazy? Perhaps...but hey, I veer to an A type personality...haha...and I would like to say that most Exec's are A type *nod* so good for me! ;) I've come to realize though, it's the simple things in life that you miss the most when you lose control...


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Oct. 26th, 2003 09:03 am (UTC)
ladylaw7 we should get together!!!!

yes we should!! next weekend, perhaps?
Oct. 26th, 2003 02:32 pm (UTC)
hehe...as long as you mean next weekend to being November 2nd!
Oct. 27th, 2003 12:23 pm (UTC)
*looks at calendar*
Nov. 2nd, indeed
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