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Yeah...I'm back

and I am sure I was very missed...haha...let's see...I wish I could send thoughts to a word processor so I wouldn't have to type and recall all the things that I have been remembering. Hmm...through a great deal of reflection I have realized that I have no ill will towards any of my ex's...though I have spoke bitterly about my experiences with them...I have come to accept that they just weren't the ones for me. I have spent some time the past few weeks reassessing what I want and how I plan to get there. I have also reassessed my current feelings for a greal deal of people from my life. Who to cut, who to let go, who to quit wondering and dwelling over. I get this way about 3-4 times a year...where I just need to recycle my friends in a way...not literally of course. But more in the way that I just cut certain people from my mind.

On that list? This list of course is not perfect in the sense that I know as I get older these people will once in awhile infiltrate my head simply because at one point in time they meant something to me. Kalen, Christy, and Eric. Not very many is it? Well to be perfectly honest, I don't let too many people get close or mean too much to me. I learned that growing up. As a military brat there is really no point in getting incredibly attached as it doesn't make sense to as I moved every 1-2 years.

I need to get my hair trimmed...

To be honest, I really don't feel like posting...however, I feel compelled to lest I drown in my own thoughts, woes, worries, fears, aspirations even...I think too many thoughts without being filtered out isn't healthy. Not to mention...it makes my head incredibly cluttered and I get lost in it...I do so hate that. Hmm...

I think I will continue this in friends only...

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