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I had an absolute blast last night! :) I went to Salem with a friend from work and a friend we met at Salem...

We went to this place called Strega it was great! :) Mainly because I didn't have to pay for anything...haha...So the friend we met there was her friend Joe :) Joe was really nice, he paid for the entertainment and alcohol :) At Strega I started off with "sex on the beach" lol...it was a joke...Joe asked me, "So have you had this before?" and I said, "Are you talking about the drink or the action?" he said, "Both" I said, "Yeah, I've done both." ;) hahahaha...it was so much fun. :) Lots of bantering and playfulness, just how I like it!

Then we all walked around and I got to see the cemetary where the "witches" are buried, we went into two different haunted houses. One of the haunted houses was really cool because they gave us 3-D glasses and it looked so real!!! I wasn't scared a bit, a little uneasy, but not scared. I always watch out for people in there, because you know how they like to have the people who work there jump out at you and scream in your face. :) Then we walked around the wharf then we went into another bar called, "The Salem Brewery"

ROFLMAO...OMG...and before that I talked to the most interesting guy...he had the greatest accent! :) So anyway we went to the Salem Brewery...I got a Blueberry Ale (Oooh beer...I know...), Joe got some kind of cider thing, and my friend got some sort of Pilsner or something. My ale was gross, so I ended up drinking some of Joe's cider thing. It was pretty good, I've never had cider before, err..."hard cider"? Whatever. So it was fun...OMG and at Strega they were passing out free shots of martinis hehe :) Good stuff...errm...let's see, what else? So by about the time we all left we stopped back at my friend's house and then Joe offered to show me how to get back to Boston. :) He was very nice, I kept offering to pay him back for the drinks and the haunted house but he told me not to worry about it. I wonder if I can be good enough friends to borrow his beach house? Hmm...anyway so quick hugs and he drove in front of me and signaled for me to get onto 128 South. :) By the time I got home it was pretty close to 1am...damn I'm tired...*sigh*

Oh...I never did write about what me and drchase did...he came over on Tuesday and we stopped at Shaw's so I could buy some heavy cream for the pasta dish I was going to make... Something surprising happened...after I purchased my things he took my bag and carried it for me. :) He's so sweet...hehe...what else? We got back, he worked on the puzzle while I made dinner. I made a cream based sauce...I would have loved to have added some marsala wine unfortunately all I had was white...*shrug* oh well. Then we worked on the puzzle a little...he did most of it, I put together like 5-6 pieces. It was nice...I've found that I enjoy just being with him and cuddling. :) Argh...I'm tired...

I got a certificate from George Washington University from the School of Business and Public Management for "Managing Projects" weeeee I should be getting my "Quality" one soon :)

I did something to my knee yesterday...not sure what, I feel like I pulled the muscles in it or something, it's been feeling really weird since last night...oh well...I should get back to work. I'm leaving a little early today :)


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Oct. 31st, 2003 08:23 am (UTC)
What a fun night! I'm jealous! :) I've always wanted to visit Salem!
Oct. 31st, 2003 08:56 am (UTC)
haha...no need to be jealous ;) Salem is fun, but it is nicer when you are sharing it with someone you care about.
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