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Drunken weekend...

It was...interesting. It is really hard to describe how else this weekend truly was...I left work early, around 4PM, and it took a painstaking 2 hours to get out of MA. OMG...I was so frustrated I just wanted to turn around and go home. I drove for about another hour and I was driving past Wakefield, NH I began to wonder, "How much longer?" I gave Paul a call and he said that he was actually about 10 minutes behind me, so I pulled over at a McDonald's and waited for him. He got there, and I followed him the rest of the way up.

So I'm tired so I am just going to cut to the chase on everything. When we finally got there it was probably around 8:00PM so Paul showed me around the lodge briefly, we ate, and then I was introduced to everyone else as they walked in. Point blank...grown-ups drink a lot. I had a little bit of white wine, but I am really not much of a drinker, this week has shown otherwise apparently. I ended up going to bed early, I didn't sleep, I just needed to be alone and away from everyone. I was so terribly frustrated with the intense traffic on the drive up and I have a lot weighing on my mind that it was making me miserable.

I read for quite awhile then eventually fell asleep around 4AM. I woke up around 8:30AM for breakfast. They had the best pancakes!! :) Then I had the opportunity to check out 10 other ski clubs and I've narrowed it down to 3. I just need to go visit them and see if I mesh with the crowd. One of them the majority of them are guys...haha...*shake head* Anyway...it will prove to be an interesting ski season :)

I dressed up for the Costume Party which was on Saturday...oh...and the reason I said I drank a lot is because every ski place I went to they gave all of us some kind of alcohol...mine consisted of some sort of punch with alcohol in it, apple cider with Captain Morgan's and Vanilla Schnapps, Sam Adams on tap, and God...my mind is kinda fuzzy...uh...umm...Bloody Mary. UGh That took me forever...between talking on the phone and reorganizing some files on my computer...haha...anyway...

After I got dressed for the Costume party I came downstairs. This girl insisted that I put a little sticker on my breast. It was a ghost at I put it there so it was just peeking out from the low neck-line. The neckline of my dress flattered my chest as I was wearing a bit of an empress style and it pushed them up a little...and it showed the top of my chest. haha...she said it would be a conversation starter because guys always look at the chest. ROFLMAO, which was true. I met this new guy...his name is Tim, he lives in JP :) What a coincidence he's in MA. He offered me a drink, so I said sure. He asked me what kind, and I had no idea so he grabbed me some Bud Light. He said that's what most girls like to drink *shrug* whatever. I discovered why I don't like beer. I don't like the taste of the hops and barley...it just tastes gross. The Bud light wasn't too bad. He offered, I accepted. We had a very interesting conversation as well. We were talking about the people of MA. I was explaining that I had just moved to MA about 3 months ago. Oh...he said I look very pretty in my costume *blush* Actually, quite a few people said that :)

I also told him that I would be leaving early and he insisted that I stay. He told me to make sure I gave him my number or something before I left. I didn't, *shrug* he was nice and all but...well, you know. I wasn't sure where his interests lie...so I figured it wouldn't be a good idea. Anyway I can't wait to make friends with people who are from Boston. A lot of the people I have befriended are not from here. We came to the agreement that though the people of Boston are not as easy to approach as say, those on the West coast they really know how to be good and loyal friends. It makes me smile. We were also talking about the different sense of humor most people exhibit here, which is a dry and sarcastic sense of humor. Which is fabulous, because that's me! :) A lot of the guys I dated on the West Coast didn't really understand or appreciate my sense of humor however I see that people here tend to relate to me a little more which is nice. :) Umm...what else?

We ended up talking quite a bit at the house before the party and quite a bit during the party. He's very interesting...I am going to have to put his age around 32-35...

Someone had told me, "You know this could be the best opportunity for you to find a guy to marry" ROFLMAO...and I asked why? and he replied, "Because the men around the 30 age will be at your emotional level. *smirk* I think I mentioned something about that earlier before I started dating drchase haha...

My life at this moment in terms of a lot of aspects is kind of uncertain. That made me uneasy and unhappy at first...but...I've come to terms with a lot of things. I've spent a lot of my life worrying about whether other people were happy, that's going to change. It has become mentally and emotionally exhausting for me...

I had a few drinks at the party per Tim's offer...haha...it was open bar. Hugs to everyone and I left early, made it home in record time...took me about 2.5 hours. :) Talked to futurejudge for about an hour or so...

Woke up pretty late...around 11:30ish...talked to ronalum for a few hours, spoke to Joe for a brief moment...I will be going out later and meeting up with futurejudge I would like to get together with Steve T. (the guy from my work, he no longer works there :( which is so sad because he was my lunch partner) sometime this week as well. Ugh...I also need to get in contact with some of the ski clubs to see when I can come up again. OMG my parents' birthday is this Monday...ugh...9AM meeting...shoot me. *groan*

The thing that I really liked about my weekend was that I got to walk around Echo Lake, it was so beautiful. NH was beautiful period. I can see why Eric wanted to move there after we got married...that would be a nice place to retire to, but maybe own two houses, one in NH and one in MA, and a condo down in FL. *sigh* Hmm...

Slight thought...romantic thoughts of course as I looked at the gorgeous Red, Yellow, Orange, and Brown foliage...

"All these years I've been wandering around
Wondering how come nobody told me
All that I was looking for was somebody
Who looked like you"

As I write I feel myself feeling less tense, more free, more coherent about everything...I think...when I find "him" I am going to tell him that... :) I've been feeling rather...quixotic? Hmm...perhaps that would not be the best term...I've been feeling most romantic. I think it is the season...Fall is such a time for lovers. The walking through the foliage, through a nice path. I was driving up this hill that I was later informed would take me to Maine...and it reminded me of the poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. It was gorgeous with golden leaves floating silently to the ground, the wind shifting gently running its fingers through my hair as I walked, the crisp air making me tingle and my insides warm. Looking down at the uneven ground, the root that seems to grow so haphazardly with a reason of its own for it's pattern and design. Even the fallen pine needles play a part in designing the landscape, scattered in a swirling, edged design. I was walking around a small lake, watching a few ducks sitting there, hearing them quack as they touched the cool, clear water.

I want to go back...I want to take a book...I want to sit and write...I want to share it.

Anyway...it grows late, I really should get ready.


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Nov. 2nd, 2003 06:30 pm (UTC)
Lucky you! Living in Robert Frost country! "The Road Not Taken" is one of my favorites too, but like a song that your brain cannot get rid of, every time I think of that poem I think of the Yogi Berra saying: "When you come to a fork in the road....take it!"

As to "I want to share it", my quote of the day is especially for you:
"Everything in life is made better by sharing" I am not sure if I read that or made it up myself. Oh well. Be Safe.
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