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Cold air helps with tipsiness

Because I was almost pretty damn sober by the time I walked into my door. ;) So I thought I was going to do nothing today, but that didn't happen. I had lunch with ladylaw7 at Tonic which was fun. We both got the same thing, Egg Quesadilla and she had a bloody mary and I had a watermelon martini... :) I know...my first drink for the day is alcohol...haha...during the brunch futurejudge called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner tonight. I told him to invite Mitch, unfortunately Mitch is in DC, but I thought it would be fun if it were us and ladylaw7.

After the brunch I decided to go do the Freedom Trail Walk. I started in Boston Commons and walked all the way through the North End. That was wonderful. I love the North End...I will have to explore it when I have much more time. I did go to an Italian bakery and bought a Cannoli...it was my first one ever, it was very good.

It was starting to get dark so I unfortunately was not able to finish the trail. It was a beautiful day today though, however, it was wicked cold *shiver* I am still freezing. The wind was absolutely frigid.

By the time I got back from that I had about 45 minutes before I had to meet futurejudge and ladylaw7. I talked a bit with ronalum, hopped the train, and waited for them. The original plan was to go to Steve's on Newbury street, hehe...futurejudge's idea. However, poor ladylaw7 I think she was super tired...she ended up sleeping through the dinner thing. So futurejudge and I decided to get Indian on Brighton Ave. We did meet up with ladylaw7 later though for drinks at Big City! That was fun...hahaha...I had like...2 drinks...I know, I'm so sad. I don't think I will be very good in the drinking games they were talking about. I had a Creamscicle and some pumpkin type beer thing. It was actually pretty yummy...then I came back home.

Pretty busy in a sort of lazy way. Anyhow...I need more water...the bathroom...and sleep...

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