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hehe...that song makes me want to cry. So I saw Les Miserables last night...I was a little stand-offish about going since I was originally suppose to go with another...but I surprisingly enjoyed myself. I was a little wary of Javert in the beginning because he could have really put a little more feeling to the first song where he sang:

And I am Javert
Do not forget my name
Do not forget me

He could have put a little more power behind the first line. *shrug* It was pretty good though. I think the guy who was playing Javert just needed a warm-up. So as I was watching the play I sort of felt lonely...I wanted to hold someone's hand *sigh*.

I do have to say this...TOO close to the stage...we were like 3 rows back from the Orchestra. I thought it would be cool, but it was a little creepy because the actors felt a little too close. OOOHHHH AND the girl who played Eponine...I know her. lol...small world eh? She was in the musical Miss Saigon, which I saw in Seattle around '95. I know her because her and the Miss Saigon crew used to go to my Uncle's Teriyaki place for lunch or dinner. My mom got free tickets from her and stuff ;)

As I was watching the musical the whole story came flooding back to me and I began to dread the second act...I began to remember who was killed...*sigh* I am glad I was emotionally prepared though because I probably would have started crying like I did the first time I saw it. I wish Cosette and died and Marius ended up with Eponine...lol...why? Because 1. Eponine was prettier and 2. Eponine had a better voice.

;) I know...who am I to ruin Victor Hugo's story of "The Miserables"? Ah well...such is life...or c'est la vie... Hmm...I want to see it again...I'm addicted. It was so beautiful...I was so happy when I left...

The theatre was gorgeous...I got naughty ideas looking at the balcony...lol...yeah I know...even when I am in the theatre ;)

As for the actors...they were pretty good. I really enjoyed the foreshadowing. It was definitely different than the first time that I saw it. Like I said, the foreshadowing was incredible, the props were spectacular...I want to see it again...lol... Ahh well...

I should get back to work...so much to do, so little time...

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