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Ahem...I love people watching

So...I meant to post this yesterday but I got kinda wrapped up and I forgot.

It's official...the blasted Southern twang is slowly, but surely coming back...and it isn't from my family, because my family miraculously does not have a southern drawl...but from my friend Sarah...lol... I am very excited I will be seeing her tomorrow! So anywhoooooo

I love people watching:
  • Nutt in the U.S. Army (And no I am not calling him a nut, that's his last name)
  • Some guy going to Harvard Law, he's from Kansas, he's a third year, age 25 ;)
  • Very well dressed man, blonde, blue-eyed (28)
  • Cell phone boy, he was on the phone since I got there, brown hair, slate grey eyes (24-30)
  • Water boy, looks kind of lonely...
  • New Balance boy, smiled and sat down next to me
  • Nice girl who gave me some tissues because I sneezed 3 times
  • People are so trusting...Harvard boy, left his stuff to go get food...hahaha...
  • How do guys cross their legs? Doesn't their "package" get in the way? I suppose if there's not much there...
  • Cell phone boy is reading some book called "The Lion's Game" wow...he really didn't strike me as the type...well to read *shrug*
  • Lots of brown haired, blue-eyed boys

The thing I love about flying? Looking at the clouds...as we were descending the sun was setting...it was so incredible...the clouds were flat, so they appeared to be land and at first glance, I thought it was. The contrast of the clouds and the land below gave an appearance of incredible layers. The bottom layer, which was the real one had forest and river. The second layer, was ethereal in appearance, made me wish I had a digital camera with me. The second layer looked like land (clouds) with ocean (sky)...it is difficult to describe the beauty that I saw...oh...current weather? 61 degrees farenheit...Jesus it's warm...I miss Boston...haha...

I wish I could have shared that gorgeous view with someone special...I settled for sharing it with guitar boy and Harvard boy...lol...

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