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May the Schwartz be with you

Well let's see...today was quite enjoyable :) First off...let me talk about what's happened up til now...

On Thursday the plane was delayed in Chicago because of a snow storm...that wasn't too bad, it allowed me a little over an hour to talk to my darling drchase on the phone...I sat next to a sweet old grandmother on the plane...then an asshole sat down to my right.

The flight wasn't too bad, saw the movie "Seabiscuit" glad I didn't see it in the movies, or pay for it for that matter. It was all right, somewhat inspiring in its own right, but not my kind of flick. By the way...when the hell did air flights start charging for food? Umm yeah...it was very bizarre...the flight goes on...then about 45 minutes before we landed asshole looks at me and says, "Could you stop bumping into me?" (I was fiddling with the buttons on the armchair where the volume and channel control are) and I said, "I'm not doing it on purpose, trust me" and he said, "I don't care if you aren't doing it on purpose" and I said, "OMG you are so rude. If it matters to you so much to have your damn personal space then pay the extra money and move to first class" That shut his fat mouth up hmph...

Anyhow, what else? Since the flight was delayed the plane landed late in Seattle...by the time I got back home and I finally unwinded from my flight it was 02:30AM PST...meaning 05:30AM EST...*sigh* C'est la vie...

I woke up around 10:00AM so I could go to the gym...worked out for about an hour...came home...watched my soap opera ;) which is seriously a real treat considering...what else? Then my mom and I met Jen (my brother's fiancée) for lunch...that was fun. :) We had lunch at a Korean restaurant...unfortunately, it has made me swear off Korean food for a bit...it was just too much food! Hmm...what else? Then we met my brother and went to a restaurant called "From the Bayou", OMG it has EXCELLENT Cajun food...mmm...I had Chicken gumbo to start and for the main course chicken étouffée which was divine!

Then today, it was pretty lax...I finished off Spaceballs (lol...drchase told me it was about damn time, it was my first time watching it). I must say...I enjoyed the humor and references to other movies as well as the semantical jokes. I also liked Dark Helmet's tie *nod*

I picked up my friend caballero we ran all kinds of errands, it was insane! There is one more thing I want to get drchase for Christmas so we spent most of time searching for that. First we went to my favorite Indian restaurant on Cedar's...we had vegetable samosa, chai tea (mmmm), garlic naan, and I had butter chicken and caballero had mango chicken...*sigh* It was hilarious...the people there hadn't seen me for so long, when they took my order they totally forgot about caballero ROFLMAO...it was hilarious. The waiter goes, "Is that all?" and I said, "yes" then he starts walking away without taking caballero's order...hahahahahaha

We then went to FAO Schwartz...then the Pacific Place (so we could look for drchase's present :/) No luck...perhaps when I see my cousin Kim tomorrow she can help? We also went to Northgate and no luck there either. Then I met my brother and Jen for dinner...they went and got a movie, I bought some shoes at Marshall's. I came on-line, sent a message to my honey...decided to give him a call as I drove to the dance club. I just got back not too long ago and I had an absolute blast! There were many people there that I know, unfortunately not all of them, ah well...Scott was there so I got to Cha-cha and Renegade :)

Hmm...ok, that's all ;) Now I'm unwinding by watching the Cartoon Network, I am such a kid sometimes! lol...


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Dec. 21st, 2003 10:02 am (UTC)
That's "May the schwartz ..." not "Let the schwartz ..."

; )

Told ya you'd like it.
Dec. 21st, 2003 11:47 pm (UTC)
lol...changed it just for you ;)
Dec. 23rd, 2003 01:49 pm (UTC)
I wonder if your friend, drchase, will change his post, and capitalize "Schwartz", as it is a name, and thus a proper noun? May, or let, the change be just for you! (chuckle, chuckle!)
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